The Wereclap is one of the Skills used by Sonic the Werehog in both the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version and Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed. When using this move, Sonic performs a gigantic cribbing clap on his foes with his hands.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed, the Wereclap is one of Sonic's Hook Attack Skills. When performing this move, Sonic first does two forward and extended vertical slashes with his left and right hand. He then enlarges his right fist and stretches out his right arm as he spins around himself, striking his foe(s) with a back hand punch from his right fist. From there, Sonic puts both his fists together and swings them around three time as he stretches out his arms, before stopping and enlarging his hands as he claps them together in front of him, crippling the opponent(s) caught between them.

The Wereclap becomes available in the game when Sonic the Werehog's Combat parameter reaches level 7. To perform the Wereclap in gameplay, the player must press XboxX.pngXboxX.pngXboxX.pngXboxY.pngXboxY.png/PSSquareButton.pngPSSquareButton.pngPSSquareButton.pngPSTriangleButton.pngPSTriangleButton.png in quick succession. In gameplay, the player can control which way Sonic is facing while using the Wereclap. Additionally, the final strike from the Wereclap can temporarily stun those enemies hit by it, allowing the player to land more effective strikes. This move is used best if the player wants to damage enemies, but if the player wants to target a specific enemy.

Wii/PlayStation 2

In the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed, the Wereclap is slightly different compared to its Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 counterpart. In this version, the Wereclap is done at the end of a Combo started on the left fist with out using the special attack button after increasing the length of combos.

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