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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Quotation1 Don't worry, dearies. Granny Witchcart will take care of the big, handsome Eggman. Quotation2
— Wendy Naugus, Sonic Universe #83

Wendy "Witchcart" Naugus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a troll wizard and the twin sister of Walter Naugus. She commands a group of minions known as the Witchcarters[2] and is currently an Egg Boss of the Egg Army.[3]


Wendy looks like a slimmer, female version of her brother, though somewhat more human in anatomy. She wears a witch's hat, cape, and has a claw instead of a right hand. Like her brother, Wendy also has a long tail, pointed ears, and a horn on her head that is hidden under her hat. She also has medium-long white hair, except around her horn.



At some point Wendy and her minions seized control of an island and its inhabitants, with Wendy herself threatening to turn any dissenters into crystal. During this time, Wendy assisted her twin brother Walter Naugus successfully kidnap Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog in the Egg Storm Chamber and hauled them back to the island.[4] However, Miles "Tails" Prower came to the island and began liberating the inhabitants from Wendy while searching for Sonic. One by one Tails defeated Wendy's minions before encountering Wendy, who, despite having the aid of Walter, was thwarted by Tails and the island's inhabitants were freed from her tyranny.[5][6]

Shattered World Crisis

Act Two

During the Shattered World Crisis, Wendy, her brother Walter Naugus, and her minions invaded Eggmanland shortly after it became fully operational.[2] In response, Dr. Eggman gathered his various Egg Bosses and formed them into a team to challenge the magicians and reclaim the facility.[4][5][7] After the confrontation, Wendy was left at the mercy of Eggman who decides to make her an Egg Boss of his Egg Army. Her first assignment was to find a special conch that he had somehow lost from his inventory.[3]

She was later called by Eggman so that he could make use of the Witchcarters by sending them to invade Mobotropolis with the Hooligans and Metal Sonic. This did not not please Wendy very much, but due to her affiliation with the Eggman Empire, she had to comply anyway.[8]


Wendy is a crazy mischief-maker and takes pleasure in the misfortune of others. She has cowardly tendencies as well, as she quickly changed sides when faced with Eggman's wrath. She appears to have a crush on Eggman, much to his dismay. Wendy is cruel and willing to enslave others with her mind control, although she does show some level of affection to her minions, calling them "dearies". Despite possessing powerful magic, Wendy is a tech enthusiast, and has made dealings with Eggman in the past by offering to trade magical trinkets for advanced technology. Wendy has a strong sibling rivalry with her brother Walter. She enjoys mocking him and the two of them constantly argue. Unlike her brother Walter, Wendy claims she is "not the conquering type", despite once ruling over an island with an iron fist.

Powers and abilities

Wendy possesses Crystalmancy, which allows her to encase her opponents in crystal and control any crystallized robots within range. Wendy can also shapeshift, fire energy bolts, telepathically communicate with Walter through their horns, and control the minds of anyone with a weak will or weak mind.[7] Wendy also has a degree of experience using technology.[6]


Walter Naugus

Wendy has a strong sibling rivalry with her brother Walter Naugus and the two of them constantly argue. Wendy enjoys mocking Walter to get a rise out of him. Walter irritates Wendy by criticizing her for using technology. Wendy looks out for her brother for the sole reason that they are family, although she is willing to abandon him if she is backed into a corner. They seem to now be nothing more than enemies, with Walter swearing revenge on Wendy for joining Eggman.


  • Wendy is based on the main antagonist of Tails' Skypatrol, who was known simply as Witchcart.
  • Despite the mandate that Sega placed that prohibits Sonic characters adapted from the video games from having relatives originating from outside the video games, Wendy was allowed to have Walter Naugus as a brother. The reason for this is unknown.


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