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Welcome to the World of Sonic[1] is a paperback book published by Penguin Young Readers Licenses. It is an introductory handbook to the characters and stories in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


Get a crash course in all things Sonic the Hedgehog in this introductory handbook, featuring a sheet of stickers from the world of Sonic! Everyone knows that Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest hero in the world! He has thwarted Dr. Eggman's evil schemes time and time again with his supersonic speed and cool blue spikes. But what else should you know about the world of Sonic? Learn all about Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and the rest of Sonic's gang, and get to know the stories behind some of Sonic's greatest victories. This handbook is the perfect introduction to one of the most beloved video game characters of all time!


The book contains various content regarding the Sonic series, including character biographies, questions, story summaries of the video games, and stickers.




  • In one of the Tails' Trivia questions asking which Knight of the Round Table Blaze appeared as, option D mentions the name Sparkster, who is the main protagonist of the Konami video game series Rocket Knight.


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