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Shadow holding a weapon, specifically a Pistol, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

The weapons in Shadow the Hedgehog vary from their respective, as they change as their ammo, color, damage and sometimes can be the same exact gun with a different internal structure.

Each weapon in Shadow the Hedgehog falls under one of seven weapon types; Close Combat, Gun, Cannon, Lock-on, Laser, Vacuum, and Special. Should the fallen weapon from an enemy not be picked up, it will disappear after a while.

List of weapons


Guns are the most common weapons in Shadow the Hedgehog. Guns fire small rounds and typically have a larger ammo capacity than other weapon types. Some guns are automatic, meaning that they can fire continuously if SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/Square/XboxX.png is held down.

Image Weapon Faction Damage Rounds Range
Egg gun.png Egg Gun Eggman Empire Low 20 Medium
Flash Shot.png Flash Shot Black Arms Low 20 Low
Gatlinggunner.png Gatling Gun GUN High 40 High
Hmg.png Heavy Machine Gun High 30 High
HeavyShot.png Heavy Shot Black Arms Medium 30 Medium
Light Shot.png Light Shot Low 20 Medium
Pistolshoot.png Pistol GUN Low 10 Low
Ring Shot.png Ring Shot Black Arms Medium 20 High
Semiautoriflegunner.png Semi-Auto Rifle GUN Medium 30 Medium
Smgun.png Sub-Machine Gun Low 20 Low

Close Combat

Close Combat weapons are weapons which are used for short-ranged attacks. Despite being melee weapons, these weapons still have an ammo meter and will become unusable when depleted. Also, the Close Combat weapons will be automatically discarded if the player hops into a vehicle.

Image Weapon Faction Damage Rounds Range
Black Sword.png Black Sword Black Arms Medium 6 Low
Dark Hammer.png Dark Hammer High 6 Low
Egg spear.png Egg Spear Eggman Empire Low 6 Low
Env objects.png Environmental Objects N/A Low 4-6 Low
Survival Knife.png Survival Knife GUN Low 6 Low


Cannons are heavy duty weapons that fire explosive shells. Unlike some other weapons, cannons do not automatically lock on to enemies, instead the player has to aim manually with a crosshair that indicates where the shell will explode.

Image Weapon Faction Damage Rounds Range
Bazooka.png Bazooka GUN High 6 Low
BigBarrel.png Big Barrel Black Arms Medium 8 Low
Blackbarrelikethisbaby.png Black Barrel Medium 8 Low
Egg bazooka.png Egg Bazooka Eggman Empire Medium 6 Low
Grenadelauncher.png Grenade Launcher GUN Medium 6 Low
TankCannon.png Tank Cannon High 4 Low


Laser weapons fire laser beams to attack enemies. Laser beams can be bounced off walls and other objects to damage more enemies in one shot.

Image Weapon Faction Damage Rounds Range
LR.png Laser Rifle GUN Medium 20 Medium
Refractor.png Refractor Black Arms Medium 20 Medium
Splitter.png Splitter Medium 20 Medium


Lock-On weapons allow the player to fire missiles that lock-on to enemies. The player must fire hold down SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/Square/XboxX.png to activate a laser target which will lock on to enemies nearby. Releasing the button will then fire several missiles to attack all targeted enemies.

Image Weapon Faction Damage Rounds Range
Rpgun.png 4-Shot RPG GUN High 12 High
RPG8.png 8-Shot RPG High 24 High
BigWormShooter.png Big Worm Shooter Black Arms High 6 High
RPG.png RPG GUN High 6 High
WideWormShooter.png Wide Worm Shooter Black Arms High 18 Low
Wormshooterdun.png Worm Shooter High 6 High


Vacuums are a unique weapon type, as only one true vacuum weapon exists in game. Vacuum weapons allow the player to suck up various objects, including enemies, which then can be fired back to deal damage to other opponents. Some special walls can also be pulled away using this type of weapon.

Image Weapon Faction Damage Rounds Range
VacuumPod.png Vacuum Pod Black Arms Medium 20 Low


There are a variety of unique weapons in Shadow the Hedgehog. Special weapons are unlocked by completing the final stages in story mode. Most of these weapons can be upgraded by completing the same stage again and fighting the other boss. Special weapons do not have a common attribute, and instead, each Special weapon takes on the attributes of one of the six other weapon types. Special weapons can only be found in special Shadow Containers scattered in each stage.

Image Weapon Faction Notes Damage Rounds Range
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 1 Lv. 2
Egg Vacume.png Egg Vacuum Eggman Empire Unlocked by completing Lava Shelter in Story Mode. Functions like a Vacuum weapon, can be used to pull walls in certain stages. High 20 30 Low
Heal Cannon.png Heal Cannon N/A Unlocked by completing Final Haunt in Story Mode. Functions like a Cannon weapon. Heals and sways the loyalty of enemies. N/A 10 20 Low Medium
Omochao Gun.png Omochao Gun Unlocked by completing Cosmic Fall in Story Mode. Functions like a Laser weapon. Medium High 10 20 Low High
Samurai blade.png Samurai Blade GUN Unlocked by completing GUN Fortress in Story Mode. Functions like a Close Combat weapon, when swung it sends out shock waves that deal damage to enemies without consuming ammo. Medium High 4 8 Low
Satilite laser v2.png Satellite Gun Black Arms Unlocked by completing Black Comet in Story Mode. Functions as a Lock-On weapon that causes giant laser beams to fire from the sky, similar to the ones seen in Westopolis. Medium High 4 8 Low Medium
Shadow rifle.png Shadow Rifle N/A Unlocked by completing The Last Way. Functions as a Gun type weapon and defeats most enemies in a single shot. Cannot be upgraded. Automatic. Max N/A 20 N/A High N/A

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