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Weapons Bed

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Weapons Bed is the seventh stage in the dark story of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable as Dr. Eggman.


The stage is set in a similiar area to Metal Harbor, only with larger platforms instead of railways, featuring many deactivated G.U.N. robots.


After meeting with Shadow the Hedgehog on Space Colony ARK, the dark trio head to Prison Island, where they are going to steal three Chaos Emeralds. Dr. Eggman himself must run around the Carrier fleet that belongs to G.U.N., and destroy all the robots he finds, and cause as much havoc as possible as part of a planned three-pronged assault to steal the three Chaos Emeralds.


As seen in some previous missions, bomber jets will swoop down and drop bombs in Eggman's direction periodically. There are also many Gun Hunters here, but they are dormant. Players should be careful of the Hawk Series, as many will attempt to ambush or strike when least expected.


Level Up Item

Eggman's Large Cannon is located here, which allows him to break steel containers.


Collect 100 Rings

As usual, collecting one hundred Rings would be easy if it were not for the G.U.N. robots around who can easily cause the player to lose their Rings. The robots tend to appear when the player least expects it, and will send large amounts of weapon fire their way. Memorizing where they will appear ahead of time can greatly assist with not taking damage. Additionally, the player can repeatedly fire their weapon in order to potentially destroy enemy shots before they reach their target.

Find the lost Chao

On the third aircraft carrier, the player should look in the last garage to the left and play the Mystic Melody near the Ancient Ruin inside to make a blue swirl appear. The player should jump in, which will cause them to be transported to a platform where the lost Chao is tucked between some metal boxes.

Reach the goal within 2:45

The player should head directly to the Goal Ring without stopping to destroy the large number of enemies that are stationary on the ships. Continuously firing can help keep the player from needing to stop as they progress.

Clear Hard mode

In addition to some more aggressive enemies, this mission contains a couple of minor path changes. The first involves crossing a gap where the opposite side is closed with unbreakable containers standing on the Iron ones. Rolling spiked balls have also been added to it.

Chao Container locations

  1. The first Chao Container is in a small nook just past the garages on the first aircraft carrier.
  2. The second one is hidden next to the cylindrical fuel tanks on the right-hand side of the second aircraft carrier.
  3. At the end of the third aircraft carrier, the third Chao Container is right next to the cylindrical fuel tank in the right-hand corner.


Big the Cat sighting

At the beginning of the stage, the player should go to the end of the vessel. From there, Big can be seen on the rooftop of the south garage, sitting on his hands and knees while looking at something on the platform.

In Hard Mode, Big is sitting on one of the fuel tanks that are placed on the right halfway across the second vessel.


  • The Weapons Bed theme is rumored to have been remixed into the Iron Jungle theme from Shadow the Hedgehog. Some parts do sound alike, but it is currently unknown whether they are the same.
  • In the GameCube version, some of the Hornet robots were given more bomb pods than in the Dreamcast version of the stage.
  • A small green platform is added towards the end of the runway just before the last Point Marker in the GameCube version.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Crush'em All ...for Weapons Bed Jun Senoue 2:25



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