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Modeled after the crashed SS Marine, this watercraft had limited range but is nimble. Dodge obstacles in the water and perform tricks off ramps!

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Wave Cyclone[1] (ウェーブサイクロン号 Wēbu Saikuron-gō?) is a waterbike and is the first vessel which can be ridden in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a speedy little jet-ski that allows the user to travel at sea, albeit only over relatively short distances. It was built by Miles "Tails" Prower and was used by him, Sonic the Hedgehog and Marine the Raccoon to travel the sea and explore the islands of Blaze's world, during their first trips away from Southern Island. While it has the shortest traveling range of the four main vessels, it can surf right over coral reefs or shallow waters which are impassable to some of the other crafts.


The creation of the Wave Cyclone was first brought up due to Marine's action. As Marine sought to explore the parts of the world that laid beyond Southern Island, Marine attempted to create her own jet-ski, the SS Marine. After Sonic and Tails arrived in the Sol Dimension and met Marine, she accidentally crashed the SS Marine, leaving it in pieces.

As Marine starts to cry over her loss, Tails offers to construct a new, better watercraft. After studying Marine's instruction book on how to construct a waterbike from Materials, Sonic heads out to collect the necessary Materials from Whale Point. Sonic soon after returns with the Materials, and Tails manages to construct the Wave Cyclone. Soon after finishing it, Sonic, Tails and Marine began using it to explore the nearby islands, namely Plant Kingdom and Machine Labyrinth.


When using the Wave Cyclone, the player has to dodge incoming rocks, mines and sharks in the water by moving the Nintendo DS stylus from side to side. In Sonic Rush Adventure Flash, the mouse is used instead.

The Wave Cyclone is the only vessel from Sonic Rush Adventure without any actual weapons. Instead, Sonic can apply his Super Boost to the Wave Cyclone to make it speed up and become temporarily invincible and thereby blow though obstacles. Just like the actual Super Boost, the Wave Cyclone has a Boost Gauge that determines for how long the boost can be performed. It is performed by double-tapping the touch screen (and holding the stylus onto the touch screen) or pressing the L or R Button.

On the Wave Cyclone, Sonic can collect Rings and perform tricks off of ramps, by tracing the arrows on the screen, to fill up the Boost Gauge.

The Wave Cyclone is also used to get the Chaos Emeralds in Johnny's Races in the ocean with Captain Whisker's shark-headed lieutenant, Johnny, who has his own personalized waterbike. Only Sonic is seen riding the Wave Cyclone during gameplay, although the opening cinematic of the game shows Sonic piloting it over the water with Blaze sitting behind him.

Materials needed

To build

The following Materials are needed to construct the Wave Cyclone. These materials are picked up by default when clearing Whale Point:

First upgrade

The following Materials are needed to upgrade the Wave Cyclone for the first time:

Second upgrade

The following Materials are needed to upgrade the Wave Cyclone for the second time:

  • 5 Blue Materials
  • 5 Iron Materials
  • 5 Black Materials




  1. Sonic Rush Adventure (Nintendo DS) United States instruction booklet, pg. 16.

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