Water Eggman (ウォーターエッグマン U~ōtāegguman?) is the second boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which the player fights at the end of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2. To defeat Water Eggman, the player has to hit the Egg Mobile eight times.

Water Eggman is mostly an Egg Mobile with a tube-like crane that releases Mega Mack. It is mostly grey, and has black and yellow stripes. It is piloted by Dr. Robotnik, who will try to drop the Mega Mack on Sonic's head after filling up the entire tank.


The boss battle takes place on a yellow platform over a lake of toxic purple liquid (Mega Mack). On either side of the arena, there are three platforms that flip over and drop anyone standing on them into the Mega Mack, which spells instant death. The player has to time their jump to the vehicle to avoid falling into the Mega Mack ocean.

The boss itself is Dr. Robotnik in his Egg Mobile, which has been modified with a canister over Robotnik's head and a system of tubes that can fill the canister with Mega Mack from the lake beneath (although the liquid in the canister appears blue rather than purple, probably due to siphoning the fluid from the pipe that the rotary platforms are attached to, instead of the Mega Mack itself). When the canister is full, Robotnik will attempt to dump the contents on top of the player. After that, Robotnik moves to the other corner to fill another amount of Mega Mack to the canister and repeats the same pattern.

The player either can jump, move away or crouch, as the dropped Mega Mack won't deal any damage. Water Eggman takes eight hits to defeat, after which the player can open up the capsule and end the zone. In the locked-on version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Knuckles may have to time his lower Spin Jump into Robotnik to avoid falling into the Mega Mack ocean.


  • This boss can actually be defeated very easily by jumping right up to him at the start of the battle and bouncing off him repeatedly while against the right edge of the screen. No controller input is even required at this point.
    • If the player is playing with Sonic and Tails, there is a chance that Tails will repeatedly jump on Dr. Robotnik and eventually defeat him without the player really having to do anything in this battle.
Sonic2 CPZ Robotnik goop drop
  • In a prototype version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, sprites of Robotnik have been found where he takes the chemicals and accidentally dumps them on himself. This might have been an ending sequence for this zone, but was removed.
  • It's possible that Robotnik is actually filling his canister with the toxic blue chemicals in the pipes beneath Sonic's feet (the same chemicals that make up the blue snake-like obstacles throughout the level) instead of Mega Mack.




Name Artist Length Music Track
"STH2 Boss 〜Mega Drive version〜" Masato Nakamura 2:14
StH2 Boss ~Mega Drive Version~

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