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Wataru Takagi (高木 渉 Takagi Wataru?) is a Japanese voice and stage actor from Chiba Prefecture who has done Japanese voice work for Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is affiliated with Arts Vision.


He is best known for his roles in Detective Conan (as Genta Kojima and Officer Wataru Takagi), After War Gundam X (as Garrod Ran), Slayers Try (as Valgaav), the Beast Wars: Transformers series (as Cheetas), Great Teacher Onizuka (as Eikichi Onizuka), Hajime no Ippo (as Masaru Aoki), Naruto (as Obito Uchiha), the fifth series of GeGeGe no Kitaro (as Nezumi Otoko), Yes! PreCure 5 (as Bunbee), Street Fighter (as Hugo Andore), the Super Robot Wars series (as Senshi Roa), and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (as Okuyasu Nijimura). Takagi is the official Japanese voice of Daffy Duck In the Japanese dub of Loony Tunes and the voice of Saber Varion, Victorion, and Galaxion in the Brave Saga 2 Video game.


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