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Quotation1 With a modest charge, I could open "windows" to the world in an instant. I looked farther and further in hours than the Badniks could do in a day. Quotation2
Dr. Starline, Sonic the Hedgehog #13

The Warp Topaz[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing. It is a stone that warps space. It is currently in Dr. Starline's possession, worn on his left glove.



The Warp Topaz appears as a round gemstone. It is orange with a red spiral pattern.

Powers and traits


The Warp Topaz opening a "window" for Starline and Eggman to look through, from Sonic the Hedgehog #13.

The Warp Topaz is capable of warping space. This allows the user to create localized wormholes to other places, thus allowing the user and others to travel great distances around the world in an instant.[1][2] These "gateways" can be opened from a great distance, as Dr. Starline was able to open a gateway in Windmill Village from the Final Egg.[2] This ability also allows the user to open "windows" to the world in an instant, allowing the user to look farther and further in hours that what the Badniks could do in a day.[2] However, for the Warp Topaz to work, a source of power is required.[1]



Dr. Starline has claimed that he has put research into the Warp Topaz over his entire career. He later managed to acquire it at a later point in time.[1]

After discovering that Dr. Eggman had disappeared after the Eggman War, Starline used the Warp Topaz's ability to create "windows" to search for Eggman.[2] After finding Eggman, who was suffering from amnesia, Starline freed Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk from prison with the Warp Topaz so that they could help kidnap Eggman from Windmill Village.[1][3]

Battle For Angel Island


Dr. Starline presenting the Warp Topaz to Dr. Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog #12.

Starline used the Warp Topaz to get to the Final Egg. There, he was successful in helping Dr. Eggman reclaim his memories. When Starline presented the Warp Topaz to Eggman, the latter took no interest in it.[1][4]


Using his Warp Topaz, Starline made a letter appear in Tails' workshop that would lure Sonic into a battle with Rough and Tumble. Starline later demonstrated the Warp Topaz's ability to create "windows" to the world to Eggman. Using this ability, Eggman and Starline watched Sonic and Tails' battle with Rough and Tumble. When Rough was about to reveal info about Eggman to Sonic upon his and Tumble's defeat however, Starline used the Warp Topaz to create a portal that took Rough and Tumble back to base.[2]

When seeking to preserve the contents in an Eggman base on Frozen Peak, Starline used the Warp Topaz to make a portal for his Badnik escorts to take the base's contents through. When Sonic and Silver later showed up and fought Metal Sonic, Starlight freed Metal Sonic from Silver's telekinetic grip by creating a portal beneath Metal Sonic with the Warp Topaz. Starline subsequently used the Warp Topaz when he fought Sonic and Silver, whom he eventually sent to the other side of the mountain with a portal. Starline then used the Warp Topaz to get Metal Sonic home, but got interrupted by Sonic before he could get through the portal. When he later thought he had killed Sonic, Starline created a portal back to base.[5]

The Last Minute

Dr. Starline later used the Warp Topaz to travel to the Lost Hex to convince the Deadly Six to work with Dr. Eggman again. After they accepted his offer, he used the Warp Topaz once again to return.[6]


  • The Warp Topaz is similar to Dr. Finitevus' Warp Rings as both can create gateways to other places and are used as gauntlets, but they also need that the user to know exactly where they want to place those wormholes specifically. This might be because Starline was made as a spiritual successor for him.


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