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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Warp Sonic/Transcript

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Warp Sonic".

[Scene: Robotropolis.]

[Open up to a giant domelike building. Cut to the inside, as Sonic, Sally and Antoine are sneaking inside, were they get a good look at some giant machine.]
Antoine: Sacre bleu! It is hu-fungus!
Sonic: You mean “Humongous”, Ant. Hu-mun-gus.
Sally: It has to handle all of Robotnik’s traffic – *gasp*
[They duck out of view as hovercraft flies by it lands right by the giant machine. A Swat-bot walks out to, messes with the buttons on its wrist, and then gets back inside.]
Sonic: What’s with all the wrist-action?
Sally: I think I know.
[She puts on a pair of supped up binoculars, and sees a force field surrounding the machine. Sonic and Antoine do the same.]
Sally: Just as I thought! An alarm grid!
Sonic: Woah! That is nasty!
Antoine: I am thinking that not even a little moose can get through that thing there.
Sonic: A little moose? No. But a hedgehog, no prob! Where there’s a hedgehog, there’s a way.
[They throw down a set of ropes and climb down to a catwalk, where Antoine almost falls off.]
Antoine: Oh MY!
[He struggles and grunts to get back up, as Sally pulls out Nicole.]
Sally: Nicole, boot up holographic overlay!
Nicole: Proceeding, Sally. Overlay complete.
Sally: Color code each square and increase to five times normal size.
[The barrier begins changing before their eyes.]
Sally: Are you sure you can get through there, Sonic?
Sonic: Sal, are you asking if I can get through there!? Sal, is the sky blue? Is dirt dirty? Do bears-
Sally: Sorry I asked.
Sonic: Juice and jam time!
[Sonic tears through the barrier with ease, makes it to the machine and takes a bow.]
Sonic: Thank you! Thank you! Come on guys, how ‘bout a round of applause? Even a square of an applause?
Sally: Sonic, just the circuit interrupter ready. Nicole, scan for an injector slot.
Nicole: Scanning, Sally. Injector slot located.
[Sonic takes out a disc.]
Sonic: Time to fry some of the ol’ brain cells, pal!
[Sonic inserts the disc, and the machine starts malfunctioning.]
Sally: Sonic, get out of there!
[Sonic runs back to Sally.]
Sally: We did it Sonic! All of Robotnik’s traffic is paralyzed!
Antoine: Then we should better be speeding?
Sonic: Yeah! We’ll use the tunnels!
[They run deeper into the mechanical maze, and find the tunnels.]
Sonic: Which way, Sal?
Sally: Go right!
[Swat-Bots are heading through that right tunnel.]
Sonic: You were kidding about going right, right?
Sally: Right.
Sonic: You meant left, right!?
Sally: R-Right!
Sonic: I knew that! We’d like to hang with you guys, but we’ve gotta motor!
[Dead end.]
Sonic: You didn’t mean left, right? You meant middle?
Sally: Middle! Right...right!
[Swat-Bots are coming from the middle.]
Antoine: This is terrible!
Sonic: I’ll get us out of this! Trust me!
[Sonic is ready to fight, when a a small door opens up from the side of the wall, and a hand grabs and yanks Antoine inside.]
Sonic: Ant! Juice time!
[The two follow, the door shuts, and the Swat-Bots open fire on it.]
???: Uh, need a hand.
[The figure helps Sally up.]
Sally: Oh, yes! Thank you for the help.
Sonic: Yeah, you saved me the trouble.
Sally: I’m Sally, this is Sonic.
Griff: Hello, I’m Griff.
[Antoine, who’s been out cold finally snaps out of it.]
Antoine: Ohhhh my goodness... Where am I going?
[The Swat-Bots begin slamming on the door, trying to break in.]
Griff: Swat-Bots. Follow me!
Antoine: Wait for moi!
[The Swats finally smash the door down, and begin crawling inside.]
Sally: Where are we going, Griff?
[They reach a tunnel.]
Griff: Lower Mobius.
Sonic: Lower Mobius?
Griff: Yeah, we escaped Robotnik’s Swat-bot’s and built an underground city. There’s about thirty of us.
Sonic: We’ve heard about you guys!
[They reach a mechanical room, Griff walks over to a small keypad, and presses in a code, opening an elevator of some sort containing a vehicle.]
Griff: Welcome to the pipeline express!
[Cut to them flying down a corridor, Griff pulls a lever causing the hovercraft to make a clunky sound.]
Sally: What was that?
Griff: Well, I think the gear box needs a little work.
Antoine: [trying to cover his eyes] I am thinking it needs very much of the work!
[They begin approaching a wall.]
Antoine: Sacre bleu! We are going crashing into pieces!
Griff: Don’t worry, Antoine.
[Griff pulls out a small device, fires a laser at the dead end, causing a door to open up.]
Griff: It’s to keep the rat- bots out.
Antoine: R-re-re-re-rat-bots...?
Griff: Yes, Robotnik created them as tunneling rats years ago then abandoned them. Now...they run WILD in here.
Antoine: EEEP!
Griff: The rats are all dangerous, but there’s one in particular. You see, he’s a mutant, and he’s much bigger than the others.
[They reach the end.]
Griff: Welcome to Lower Mobius, Freedom Fighters.
Sally: Oh my gosh. It’s beautiful!
[They get a good look at Lower Mobius, which looks more or less like a replication of their old home from years ago... underground, but still.]
Sonic: Yeah! Past cool!
LM Inhabitant: Welcome back Griff! Have a successful trip?
Griff: No, not really Gir, I’ll tell you later. But I did meet some Freedom Fighters.
Dirk: [Salutes them)] We’re honored!
Antoine: [Salutes back] Oh...Merci! Merci!
Griff: This is our energy chamber. It supplies all the power for Lower Mobius.
Sonic: Man, we could sure you something like that in Knothole!
Griff: Without it, we couldn't survive down here.
[They walk to the city, and Sonic smells something...]
Sonic: Whoah-ho-ho! Is the ol’ nose playing tricks, or do I smell a-*Slurp*-CHILI DOG! Pig out time!
[Cut to Sonic waiting for an order at a food stand.]
Vender: Are really gonna eat all twelve of those chilli dogs?
Sonic: Yeah! But those are just snacks. I’ll do some serious eating later.
Vender: [Hands tray to Sonic] Enjoy!
Sonic: Pinch me! I must be dreamin!”
[An alarm goes off, and everyone goes into hiding... save for Sonic.]
Sonic: Yo, what’s up?
Griff: Sonic! Sonic! I need your help! Ratbots are trying to penetrate the pipe system!
[Cut to heroes back in the Hover Sled, and the ratbots finally show up, huge mechanical beasts with electric charged tails... just as the hover craft stalls out.]
Griff: We’re trapped! I can fix it, but I need some time!
Sonic: [hops out] Not a prob! I’ll handle the rat-butts!
Griff: Sonic! Watch their tails!
Sonic: Hey rat-butts! Woah!
[One swings at him, missing. It tries again, only to his a pipe causing water to burst out.]
Sonic: Nice try, ratso! Actually, it was a weak try! Really weak! Come on, give me your best shot!
[Another one comes up behind him.]
Sally: Sonic, behind you!
[He dodges no problem.]
Sonic: Close, but no cheese, slime-wad! Come on, creep-o’s! I’m not even working up a sweat here!
[They swing their tails at him, and Sonic begins playing a game of jump rope with them.]
Sonic: Now you’re cookin! Yeah!
[He runs away, and accidentally bumps into a steam pipe.]
Sonic: OW! That’s hot!
[He smiles and gets an idea.]
Sonic: You rat-heads in the mood for a ‘lil “Hedgehog-cabob?” Come and get it!
[They swing their tails just a Sonic dodges, causing the pipes to burst, shooting out a ray of steam, knocking them out.]
Sonic: I had to blow off a little steam.
Antoine: I-I – I am thinking you’re going to need more steam, Sonic Hedgehog...
[A Ratbot twice the size of the previous two comes right at them.]
Griff: It’s the mutant!
Sally: Griff, what about the gear shift!?
Griff: No! I- I’ve tried everything! Stuck solid!
[Sonic slides out of the craft.]
Sonic: You guys hold on! I’ll push you out of here!
Griff: “Push us”? How!?
[Sonic reaches in to his backpack, and pulls out a power ring.]
Sonic: A power ring. Grab your socks, we are GONNA juice!
Griff: A power ring...
Sonic: Bailing! Warp-7!
[They speed off as the Ratbot strikes, leaving it in the dust. They make it back to the underground city in no time.]
Griff: Sonic, that... that was absolutely incredible! How does this... power ring work?
Sonic: Only my uncle Chuck knows for sure. He made them for me before he was captured and robotocized.
Griff: So you mean there’s more than one?
Sally: Yes, we receive a new ring every twelve hours.
Griff: Fantastic! I’ve never seen so much condensed energy! Can I see it?
Sonic: Sure!
[He tosses it to Griff.]
Sonic: Listen, I have some unfinished business! Catch ya later!
[Sonic speeds off.]
Griff: ...Fantastic.
[Cut to Sonic back at the food stand waiting for his order, tapping his fingers impertinently, when the food finally arrives.]
Sonic: All right!
[The power in the city starts to dim out.]
Sonic: Huh!?
[In a control room that controls the energy, Griff and Gir are trying to get things working.]
Dirk: I doubt it will last another 24 hours, Griff.
Griff: We have to do something. The Freedom Fighters have an incredible energy source, but they're very protective of it.
Dirk: This calls for drastic measures. Can they help us?
Griff: I don’t yet if we can trust them... But I know what to do.
[Cut back to Sonic, still eating.]
Antoine: Son-eek! SON-EEEK!
Sonic: Huh!?
Antoine: Oh, this is terrible! Terrible! I can’t believing it!
Sonic: Can’t “Believing” what, Ant?
Antoine: Greeff! He is stealing the heart of my Princess!
Sonic: Say what?
Antoine: Nonono! Coming along, I show you!
Sonic: Woah!
[The two look over a small ledge at Griff and Sally hanging out together as he picks a flower for her.]
Antoine: Ah, sacre bleu! This is most terrible day of my young and handsome life.
Sonic: Yeah!? Well anything he can do, I can do better!
[Sonic sweeps down the ledge.]
Sally: Oh, thank you for the flower, Griff. It’s beautiful!
Griff: Not as beautiful as you, Sally.
[Sonic speeds in, with a two flowers of his own.]
Sonic: For you, Sal!
Sally: Why Sonic! How sweet!
Sonic: I wrote a poem for ya…
Sally: ...You... wrote a poem?
Sonic: Hold on to your socks, ‘cause this is gonna blow you right out of your shoes! *Ahem* ”When it comes to speed, I can’t be beat!” “I’m faster than lightning, faster than heat!” “I’m so fast, I’d burn up the street!” “Aint that mondo sweet?”
Antoine (off screen): For you, my Princess!
[In comes Antoine with a bouquet of flowers.]
Sally: Oh, Antoine! Thank you, but I-
Antoine: I, too, have written you a poome!
Sally: ...I ‘m sorry, a what?
Antoine: A “Poome”!
Sally: OH! Oh, a “Poem”! Oh, I see.
[He gets down on one knee.]
Antoine: Yes, oui, that is what I said. *Ahem* “I am a royal guard, brave and true.” “Who gladly would be laying down my life for you!”
Sonic: ‘scuse me while I chuck my chilli.
Antoine: YOU are insulating my poome!
Sonic: No, your poome insulates itself.
Antoine: Well, it is much more romantic than your STUPID poome!
Sally: Boys, please! You’re being very rude to Griff!
Sonic: Who cares!?
Antoine: Oui! Who!?
Sally: I care! He saved our lives, and I think you owe him an apology.
Sonic: I’m supposed to apologize to him for trying to steal MY girl!?
Sally: I am not your girl!
Sonic: Since when?
Sally: Since forever!
Sonic: I can wait!
Griff: Sonic, I’m not trying to steal Sally! Honest.
Sonic: Yeah right.
Griff: Look, let me drive you back to the surface. It’s the least I can do.
Sonic: We can walk!
[Sally walks over to Griff and takes his hand, and the two walk off.]
Sally: You can drive ME back Griff.
Sonic: HEY!
[Sonic and Antoine run after them. Cut to them driving through a forest near Knothole.]
Griff: Wow. This is really, really beautiful. Home sweet home.
Sally: Heh! Would you like a... Knothole tour?
Griff: Thanks, but I should- I should get back.
[Sonic hops out.]
Sonic: Best idea you’ve had yet! You coming Sal?
Sally: Bye Griff.
[She kisses him on the cheek.]
Sally: Thanks for everything.
[Antoine holds his hand out to help her out.]
Antoine: Allowing me, my Princes!
[She refuses and hops out herself.]
Sally: No thank you, Antoine.
Griff: Well, I hope we meet again, Freedom Fighters.
[Just then, he yanks a wire out from under wheel, causing it to short out again.]
Sally: Griff? What’s wrong?
Griff: It’s this darn engine acting up again.
Sally: Oh! Well, um, why don’t you spend the night here? We have plenty of room and you can just fix it in the morning!”
Griff: Well, that’s very kind, but... Alright, I accept!
[They walk through the forest, and Antoine cuts them off.]
Antoine: Halt! Please do identify your own selves!
Sally: RELAX, Antoine. You know it’s us.
Antoine: I am sorry, my Princess. But a royal guard is never taking anything from granted. Hmm! Especially when they are strangers jerking about!
Sally: Antoine... You are being a toad.
Antoine: A toad? What is a toad?
[Sally leads Griff to the power ring pool.]
Sally: This is where we get our power rings.
Griff: Well, it’s very nice, but...I’m not sure I quite understand...
Sally: Great! We’re in luck! A ring is coming!
[The water ripples, and a ring floats to the top. Sally picks it up and shows Griff.]
Griff: It’s magnificent!
[Cut to the same spot later that night. Antoine is guarding the ring pool, but is fast asleep. Suddenly, a figure shows up, hops in the pool, and steals the power source in the pool, as Antoine mutters in his sleep. Now, if you think it’s Griff who’s stealing the stone that creates the power rings... You’d be right, of course. Cut to Sally’s house, she’s looking out into the moon, when-]
Sonic (off screen): Yo, Sal!
Sally: Uh! Oh, Sonic! You scared me!
Sonic: Sorry. I’ve been thinkin’-
Sally: Oh! Trying something new, are we?
Sonic: Funny.
Sally: Thank you. Are you still jealous?
Sonic: Me, jealous? Ha!
Sally: And what is that supposed to mean?
Sonic: “Ha” is short for “You have no clue.”
Sally: Ha ha! “I have no clue”?
Sonic: I hear a parrot.
[He walks away from the window.]
Sally: I’ll tell you who doesn’t have a clue.
Sonic: Who?
Sally: Look in the mirror.
[He picks up a mirror at her table.]
Sonic: All I see is... hedgehog perfection!
Sally: Aaw, brother.
[Cut back to Griff, getting in his hover car. He puts the plugs back together, and speeds off, just as Antoine snaps awake. He walks over to the pool.]
Antoine: Sacre bleu!
[He runs over to Sally’s home.]
Sonic: What does he have that I don’t have?
Sally: You mean besides a brain?
[Antoine bursts in.]
Antoine: Son-eek! My princess! Something terr-ebile has happened!
Sally: What’s wrong, Antoine?
Antoine: I do not know. The power ring pool, something is wrong with it, but I do not knowwhat!
[Sonic speeds off to the pool.]
Sonic: Yeah, something is way past un-cool.
[He dives in, and finds the stone has been stolen. He then heads back for the surface.]
Sonic: The power rock is gone!
Sally: Gone!? But, who would-
Sonic: Guess.
[The scene fades to Sonic picking a square green stone out of the ground at the spot Griff parked the car.]
Sally: What is it, Sonic?
Sonic: Griff’s Hover Sled is gone, and I found this!
Antoine: Sacre bleu!
Sally: Griff took the Power Stone?
Sonic: Yup, and I’m gonna get it back. Juice time!
[Sonic races off.]
[Cut to Lower Mobius, Griff puts the stone into the power grid.]
Griff: Let’s hope this works!
[It works, but then-]
Dirk: Griff! The Ratbots got through! There coming!
[The inhabitants are trying to fend them off, but it’s no use. Griff and Gir pick up some planks lying around, and take the rats head on, but Griff gets knocked to the ground. They surround him. Back to Sonic, who’s in the pipe system.]
Sonic: Bailing, Warp-7!
[He reaches the end, and takes on the rats.]
Sonic: You cheese-bags are really starting to annoy me! My turn!
[He starts racing around a pack of them.]
Sonic: Yo, no-brainers! Over here!
[He’s at the stand, chowing down a chili dog.]
Sonic: Wanna give it up, or what?
[One comes his way, and he flips on to the food-stands roof.]
Sonic: Guess not. Ok, see how you dig this!
[He jumps to the ground, and drills down under. The rats surround the hole, waiting for him to pop up, only for him to pop out behind them.]
Sonic: Yo! You want me? I’m right here!
[They fling their tails at him. He dodges, only for them to get tangled, shorting all three out. He lands on the ground between the three of them.]
Griff: Thank you Sonic...
[He holds his hand out for a shake.]
Sonic: Forget the thanks, Griff. Where’s the power stone?
Griff: I used it to keep our energy crystal alive. Without this crystal, we... we couldn’t survive!
Sonic: That doesn’t give you the right to steal from us!
Griff: I’m sorry... I was desperate.
Sonic: Where is it!?
[Cut back to the power grid. Griff takes out the stone and hands it to Sonic.]
Sonic: Look, Griff. What you did was wrong. But we’re all in this war against Robotnik together!
[Sonic breaks it in half.]
Sonic: This should keep you crusin for a while!
Griff: I... I don’t know how to thank you.
Sonic: Maybe you ought to turn the lights back on.
[Griff puts his half of the stone in the power grid, lighting the city back up. The two shake hands.]
Griff: You’re the best, Sonic.
Sonic: I know.