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"Warp Sonic" is the tenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the tenth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the eleventh episode of the series. It first aired on 20 November 1993.







The episode begins with Sonic, Sally and Antoine sneaking into Robotropolis' traffic control center. There, they are forced to hide when a Hover Unit passes by them. This Hover Unit soon lands and out comes a Swat-Bot. The robot proceeds to press a few buttons on its wrist, then flies of in its Hover Unit again. Sonic wonders what this meant, and Sally puts on some infrared binoculars that allows her to see the lasers surrounding control center, forming an alarm grid. Antoine is afraid that they will not be able to get through the laser grid without setting off the alarm. Sonic, however, has a different opinion on the matter and throws down some ropes, which the heroes used to climb downstairs. Upon getting onto the bridge leading to the control center, Antoine himself almost falls over the railing, but manages to climb back up. Sally then pulls out Nicole and has her create a holographic overlay over the laser grind, forming several layers of holographic squares that Sonic has to pass through. Once she is done, Sally asks Sonic if he will be able to get through. However, Sonic is very confident that he can handle it and quickly runs in-between the lasers before getting to the main computer. Sonic then asks for an applause from his friends. Sally, however, is more interested in the mission and has Nicole help her locate the slot where Sonic is supposed to insert a special disc. Upon doing so, the system suffers a short circuit. Sonic then returns to Sally who informs him that all of Robotropolis' traffic movements have now been paralyzed.

With the mission complete, Antoine suggests that they should escape, prompting Sonic to direct his friends towards a tunnel. After opening the door however, an alarm is sounded. Soon after, the heroes arrive at a fork in the road. Sally tells them to turn right, but they soon stumble upon a Swat-Bot patrol. Sonic thus has them to run to the left instead, only to find the tunnel road blocked. The heroes thus take the middle tunnel road, only for more Swat-Bots to come from there too. As they get surrounded, Antoine is pulled through an opening in the wall behind him. Sonic and Sally follow Antoine through the opening in the wall before the Swat-Bots manage to shoot them. Inside the wall, the heroes discover they have been saved by someone named Griff, who helps Sally get up. The heroes then introduce themselves to each other. However, Swat-Bots soon manage to break into the wall, so Griff quickly leads the Freedom Fighters down a narrow passage in the wall, which leads them to a slide. When Sally asks Griff where he is taking them, he replies "Lower Mobius". He explains to Sonic that about thirty of them escaped from Dr. Robotnik and managed to create an underground city. Sonic then remembers that he has heard of them. After passing through the slide, the heroes arrive in an underground hall where Griff opens one of the tubes, revealing a yellow Hover Sled. Using it, the heroes descend through the underground pipes. Antoine in particular is very afraid of Griff's driving because the Hover Sled requires some maintenance and that the tunnel road is dangerous. Along the way, Griff drives them towards a dead end, causing Antoine to panic, but Griff opens the path with a laser sensor. >Griff explains that the blocked tunnels serve to keep out the Ratbots that Dr. Robotnik created many years ago. However, he eventually abandoned them and now they are running wild through the tunnels. Griff also scares Antoine by telling him of the biggest of the Ratbots, which is a mutant.

Finally, the ride comes to an end, and the heroes get out and enter the underground city of Lower Mobius. There, Dirk comes to meet them. Antoine and Dirk both exchange salutes. Griff then introduces them to Lower Mobius' energy chamber and explains that Lower Mobius has a huge generator in the ceiling that powers an energy crystal illuminating all of Lower Mobius: without it, it would not be possible for them to survive underground. Sonic take s a liking to it and notes that they could use something like that in Knothole Village. One can, however, notice that the lighting is dimming from time to time. On the way into Lower Mobius, Sonic is able to smell chili dogs and rushes towards the stand selling them. Before Sonic can eat anything however, an alarm is sounded. The residents proceed to flee and close their homes, and the chili dog stand closes as well. Griff then comes rushing in, asking Sonic to help them repel the Ratbots trying to penetrate the pipe system.

The heroes proceed to their destination in the Hover Sled, but when the Hover Sled stops working, Ratbots attack them. Griff tells them that he can fix the Hover Sled, but that he needs time for that. Sonic jumps out of the Hover Sled and decides to take care of the Ratbots, who attack him with their electrified tails. Sonic manages to avoid the impact from the Rabots' tails however, resulting in the destruction of a water-conducting pipe. However, Sonic is soon approached by Ratbots from both sides, but he manages to take it in stride. Sonic avoids the attacks and escapes from the Ratbots again, but soon runs into a pipe emitting hot gas. However, this gives Sonic an idea. Luring the Ratbots into attacking the gas pipe, the hot gas ends up spilling onto the Ratbots, defeating them. However, Griff has still not managed to fix the Hover Sled. To make matters worse, the mutant Ratbot Griff mentioned earlier appears from one of the tunnels, ready to pounce on the heroes. In response, Sonic pulls out a Power Ring, and with its power, Sonic manages to push the Hover Sled back into Lower Mobius, with Griff sealing the entrance behind them. Impressed, Griff asks Sonic about the Power Ring, and Sonic explains that only his Uncle Chuck knows how they work and that he developed them before he was kidnapped and turned into a Worker Bot. As Griff asks if there is more of them, Sally explains that they receive a new Power Ring every twelve hours. Sonic then lets Griff see the Power Ring, who takes a liking to it.

Sonic goes back to eating his chili dogs, but this time, he is interrupted by the disruptions in Lower Mobius' energy supply. Meanwhile, in the control center, Griff and Dirk have discovered that their energy supply will not last more than another twenty-four hours. This makes Griff decide to obtain the source of the Power Rings. Because he does not know if they can trust the Freedom Fighters however, Griff decides to play it differently. Meanwhile, Sonic tries to eat his chili dogs again, but this time, Antoine interrupts him and informs him that Griff is seducing Sally. Antoine quickly takes Sonic to the park where the two of them see Griff pick a flower for Sally and begin complementing her on the bench. This makes Sally blush. Feeling jealous, Sonic arrives with a larger bouquet for Sally. What's more, he decides to recite Sally a poem that he has actually dedicated to himself. It is then Antoine brings Sally the biggest bouquet. He then kneels down before Sally and begins reciting a poem that he has devoted to his devotion to Sally as a princess. Sonic interrupts him however, because he cannot stand listening to it. This in turns disgusts Antoine and the both of them start arguing until Sally separates them because they are being unkind to Griff. Sally then tells them to apologize to him since he saved their lives earlier. Sonic, however, is not interested in apologizing to someone who is trying to steal his girlfriend. In return, Sally tells him that they have never been in a relationship. Griff then interrupts the argument and assures Sonic that he is not out to steal Sally. He then offers to bring the heroes back to the surface. Sonic prefers to go on foot, but when Sally accepts Griff's offer, Sonic changes his mind, with Antoine joins them.

Later, the heroes leave one of the pipes in Robotropolis and fly into the Great Forest, and Griff is delighted by the sight of Mother Nature. Sally suggests that he should visit Knothole, but Griff replies that he must return to Lower Mobius. Sonic and Antoine get out of the Hover Sled, and Sally kisses Griff on the cheek, thanking him for all he has done. Antoine then tries to help Sally out of the Hover Sled, but she refuses. While no one is watching, Griff unplugs one of the cables in his Hover Sled and pretends that he cannot start it. Sally tells him however, that Griff is welcome to spend the night in Knothole, which Griff accepts.

Later, Sally and Griff walk over to the Lake of Rings. There, Antoine tries to stop them since it is his duty as a Royal Guard to protect the Lake of Rings. Antoine is unable to hold them back for long however, as Sally simply walks past him with Griff. Sally then shows Griff the lake, just as a Power Ring emerges from it. Griff in particular finds it magnificent. Later, at night, Antoine is sleeping by the lake when Griff comes by and jump into the lake. He then swims to the bottom where he finds the Power Ring generator and the object powering it: the Power Rock. Griff proceeds to pick up the Power Rick and takes it with him while Antoine is still asleep.

As Griff walks through Knothole, Sally looks out through the window in her hut and at the moon. There, Sonic gives her a scare when Sonic comes into her hut. Sonic proceeds to admit that he has been thinking lately, and Sally asks him if he is still jealous. Sonic rejects this notion however, and eventually gives up on the conversation. Thinking Sonic is clueless, Sally tells him to look in a mirror to sees which one of them is the clueless one. Sonic does that, but says he only sees "hedgehog perfection", much to Sally's frustration. Meanwhile, Griff is taking the Power Rock back to his Hover Sled and launches it, setting a course for Lower Mobius. At the same time, Antoine suddenly wakes up and notices a strange gurgling in the Lake of Rings. Back in Sally's hut, Sonic argues with Sally over what Griff has that he does not have. In response, Sally says "a brain". Suddenly however, Antoine comes marching into the hut and exclaims that something is wrong with the Lake of Rings. This prompts Sonic to run to the Lake of Rings where he notices the bubbling. Diving into the lake, Sonic takes a look around and notices that the Power Rock is gone. Sonic then emerges from the lake and tells Sally and Antoine about his discovery. With Sonic telling his friends to take a guess about who could commit this theft, the trio finds a crystal shard where Griff's Hover Sled used to be. Having proof that Griff took the Power Rock, Sonic rushes to reclaim it.

Meanwhile, Griff has already placed the Power Rock into Lower Mobius' generator. He is then informed, however, that the Ratbots have gotten through and entered Lower Mobius. At the same time, Sonic finds the pipe entrance to Lower Mobius and enters it. Back in Lower Mobius, the residents are trying to fight the Ratbots, but the Ratbots are proving to be too strong. Griff and Dirk eventually enter the battle themselves and grabs some sticks to drive the Ratbots away with. Griff, however, is hit by one of the Ratbots' tails and falls. Fortunately, Sonic arrives immediately after and comes to Griff's rescue before starting to run around the Ratbots. He then lures them over to the chili dog stand. As the Ratbots attack him though, Sonic is forced to jump onto the roof and jump back onto the ground. he then begins to spin around very quickly, thus turning himself into a living drill, and begins digging into the ground. Sonic soon after emerges right behind the Ratbots, deterring them. As the Ratbots attack again however, Sonic gets their tails tangled up, resulting in the robotic mutants short-circuiting themselves with their electric tails, destroying them.

Griff wants to thank Sonic, but Sonic does not want his thanks, only the Power Rock. Griff admits that that he used it to power Lower Mobius' energy crystal, but Sonic tells him that it does not justify his actions. Griff thus takes Sonic up to the generator and gives Sonic back the Power Rock. Seeing his repentance, and bearing in mind that Griff is also fighting Robotnik, however, Sonic breaks off a fragment of the Power Rock and gives it to Griff, who puts it into the generator, effectively powering the energy crystal. Sonic and Griff then share a handshake, signifying their newfound friendship.


  • When Antoine salutes Dirk, he moves his head but his nose stays in place.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Энергетический камень The energetic stone
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