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A Warp Belt is a piece of equipment that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It was invented and used by the Nocturnus Clan and was the technological breakthrough that allowed the echidnas of Nocturne to briefly escape from the Twilight Cage and return to Earth to prepare for their permanent return.


When used, the warp belt creates a bubble of space similar to that in the Twilight Cage around the wearer. Within that bubble, the wearer can cross back to Earth, and it would be as if the wearer never left the Twilight Cage once he/she returns. The effects of the warp belt, however, are not perfect and the bubble will eventually wear off, thus forcing the wearer back into the Twilight Cage.


After the Nocturnus Clan was trapped in the Twilight Cage, the clan and its leader, Imperator Ix, sought for a way escape the Twilight Cage and return to their own dimension. Eventually, the Nocturnus Clan, using their advanced technology, developed the warp belts. However, the warp belts only allowed a temporary return to Earth, and the only way the Nocturnus Clan could truly cross back into their home dimension was to open a wormhole inside the Twilight Cage that led back there.

Figuring out that they could use the Master Emerald to generate enough power to open the wormhole they needed, the Nocturnus Clan used the warp belts to temporarily return to their home dimension and use their limited time back there to steal the Master Emerald and allow the Nocturnus Clan to permanently return back home, thus setting the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood in motion.


  • Storywise and in gameplay, the warp belts are what allow the members of the Nocturnus Clan to teleport away once they are defeated in battle.

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