For the power-up for dislocating opponents in multiplayer, see Attract.

The Warp[note 1] is an Item Box power-up that appears in Sonic Lost World. When obtained, it allows the player to skip certain sections of a Zone.


The Item Capsules with Warp feature a single white and short wing with a swirl at the body joint.


In the gameplay of Sonic Lost World, when the player has died and returned to the same Star Post five times in a row, the Warp capsule will appear above the Star Post. Breaking it will cause the player to skip to the next Star Post, or the end-of-level Capsule in the event this occurs at the last Star Post.


  • The icon used for the Warp is somewhat reminiscent of the one used for the Fly Charge power-up in Sonic Heroes.


  1. In-game file:cmn_obj_item_warp.model

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