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Warden Zobotnik is the No Zone counterpart of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and administrator of the Zone Jail. He is assisted by Znively, the No Zone counterpart of Snively Robotnik (presumably, the two are related, like their Mobius Prime counterparts). He believes in "aggressive rehabilitation" of prisoners and, despite the occasional complaints from the inmates, is said to have a spotless record. He and Zonic the Zone Cop are not fond of each other, though they maintain a level of professionalism between themselves. (SU: #29)


During the drop-off and processing of the Destructix, Zobotnik spoke with Zonic over the nature of their arrest and was advised to keep an eye on them as they were associates of Scourge. Zobotnik guaranteed Zonic they would stay in line, and he then left to investigate another incident. The next day, the Warden called his "prize prisoner" into his office, where he questioned Scourge's relationship with the Destructix. He then showed him footage of the Destructix getting arrested, hoping that it would scare Scourge away from them. After Scourge assured him he would go to him if things got out of hand, the Warden believed that he had finally broken Scourge, unaware that his thoughts were quite the contrary.

Some time after, Zobotnik was monitoring one of Zouge's group therapy session and was surprised to see Scourge join in. At first encouraged by his participation, the Warden's mood quickly fell into disgust and disappointment, as Scourge incited a riot by working Lightning Lynx and the other prisoners into a frenzy over getting revenge they believed was deserved. Later that same night, Zobotnik was summoned back into his office by a distress call from Major Znively, who informed him of the prisoners being released and a massive riot taking place. Taking Znively's advice of needing backup, Zobotnik called in all available officers to help contain the situation, and then rallied a number of prison guards behind him. The Warden then authorized the use of F.O.E. Inhibitors and targeted the rampaging Al & Cal, successfully subduing the unleashed imps and preventing further destruction to the prison.

Having reestablished order, Zobotnik then turned his attention to Scourge, giving him only one chance to surrender peacefully. The hedgehog made for his escape though, and as the Warden authorized anything to stop him, he vanished through a Warp Ring with the Destructix. In the aftermath with repairing the Zone Jail, Zobotnik listened as Znively gave him a summary of their status before dismissing him to speak with Zonic. Though the Warden wanted Scourge brought back, Zonic plainly stated it could not be done between the situations with Dr. Nega, the Prime Zone, and the prison itself. All they could do was believe Scourge returned to Moebius and hope he stayed there.


The Warden can best be summed up as an sadist, despite a somewhat jolly approach to his "tenants" he takes immense pride and satisfaction from his forceful rehabilitation of them. With a cheerful smile he takes one day and one inmate at a time, attempting to thoroughly break them so that they may be molded into proper people.



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