The Wall Slide is a technique used by certain characters in Sonic and the Black Knight. When using this technique, the user slides down walls.


When performing Wall Slide, the users grab a hold of their personal sword and thrust it into a vertical surface. They then let their weight and gravity pull them down while their sword is embedded in the surface, allowing for a slow descend.

In gameplay, Wall Slide can only be performed when climbing a wall. To perform it, the has to let go of the analogue stick and the character will slide downward. If there are multiple walls the move must be used on, the character will automatically between them and continue sliding. Additionally, the players can change their direction on the wall from left to right while sliding, by pressing WiiDSA.png while tilting the control stick left or right. If the player meets Crawling-Ones on the walls, Wall Slide will stop until the players defeat them all.

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