Quotation1 Sonic can run perpendicular along walls. Press X/Y multiple times to keep your momentum. Quotation2
— Manual, Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)

The Wall Run is one of the moves in the Parkour moveset used by Sonic the Hedgehog in both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World. When using this move, Sonic is able to run perpendicular along nearly any walls in Sonic Lost World.


To perform this move, the player must first either jump on a wall from the ground or another wall, or go through a treadmill. After running on a wall for about four seconds, the player slows down. Pressing the X/Y Button(s) (Nintendo 3DS version) will allow the player to run on the wall for a longer time. The player can use the said buttons to continue the Wall Run as long as he/she wants.

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