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Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio is a video game for the Sega Mega Drive developed by Headgames and published by Sega. It was released in 1994 under the Sega Club line for younger children. In it, the player has a choice of six different Wacky Worlds in which they can place animated stickers, creating a two-dimensional diorama, of sorts. Among the Worlds are an underwater scene, a scene inside a house, a jungle, and the Moon.

This game is a Sonic the Hedgehog series property, as the titular character appears on the cover of the box. Sonic also pilots the flying saucer that is used to choose a WACKY WORLD[2] to play in. He also appears in a small portrait sticker for the default sticker book in the house scene. Miles "Tails" Prower and Ecco the Dolphin appear on the box of the game as well. This game was similar in concept with Nintendo's Mario Paint.


Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio is a painting program designed for young children.

A key element in Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio are stickers. [3] These are available in certain sticker books assigned for the Wacky Worlds. Each World has its own default book, but each of the other sticker books are available for use anytime as well. The same applies for the music stickers, as music from other worlds can be chosen to be played anywhere.

Many of the stickers are people or characters that can move around in each world. Their movements are pre-programmed and do not stray very far from their original placement. When a sticker is first placed, it moves very little, if at all. When clicked on, it will perform its action until clicked again, at which time it reverts to its more dormant state.

The player can put as many stickers as he or she wants in any world (however, there is a limit on animated stickers, most likely to prevent lag and clutter), and infinite copies of the same are also allowable. Once a sticker is placed in the World, the player can also change the colors of the sticker, using a palette.

Other available stickers consist of decorations, letters, numbers, and other text.

Music stickers each have a different musical phrase in them. They are "stacked" in a player that will play them in order, looping this order indefinitely.


This task of placing stickers is aided by the Mega Mouse packaged with the cartridge, and designed especially for the Sega Mega Drive.

Button formation Action
Mega Mouse[4] GamePad
Move Mega Mouse Controlpadds Move
A/B/C Sega Genesis A Button/Sega Genesis B Button/Sega Genesis C Button Action


Palette Menu

The Palette menu

There are 4 main tools available in the game, with all of them appearing as an index finger on the screen.

Selection Tool
Tickle Tool
Coloring Tool
Remove Tool
GLOVE:[5] This is the default tool in the game. The tool main function is to move stickers from its original position.
MAGIC GLOVE:[5] The tool's main function is to interact with stickers, such as opening drawbridges, waking up sleeping animals, turning on spaceship engine, etc.
COLORING GLOVE:[6] Its main function is for coloring stickers. The player can change the color on the palette menu. There are twelve different colors to choose from. The player could change the foreground color on the palette by pressing Sega Genesis B Button on the desired color.
ERASER GLOVE:[6] As the name suggests, the tool's main function is to remove stickers from the playfield of the game.

To the left of the glove-based tools are five other options to select from, including:

  • BOMB:[6] Clears all the placed stickers from the picture.
  • WORLD TIED UP IN A RIBBON:[7] Selecting this resets the picture.
  • TRAFFIC SIGNAL:[7] The "STOP" button will pause the game, while the "GO" button will un-pause it.
  • Sonic:[7] Selecting Sonic in his rocket ship will take the player to a different WACKY WORLD.
  • BOOM BOX:[8] Brings the player to the Music Machine[8] where they can compose songs.


Non-playable characters[]


  • Sci-Fi Planet:[2] Jive with Toe-Jam & Earl on a funky far-off planet. Fill the sky with moon and asteroids and set a spaceship zipping by. This is a great place for a lunar base, with weird and wacky "goons from space"![2]
  • Fairytale Kingdom:[2] Build a lollipop world of pumpkin houses, castle towers and flapping flags. Grow a giant beanstalk with fairies flitting through the leaves. The princess lives here happily, until the dragon kidnaps her! But all is well when the knight comes to save her. They all live happily ever after, including the unicorn![2]
  • Monster Movie:[2] Ghosts, skeletons and bats are just a few of the gruesome ghouls in this WACKY WORLD. Make spooky music and Frankenstein will do his Monster Move under a full moon. Build a haunted castle full of glowing eyes. Whooo's there?[10]
  • Safari Island:[2] Play with Tarzan, Jane and their pets. Parrots! Elephants! Crocodiles! Lions! Make jungle music for the witch doctors dancing in the palm trees! Look out - here comes Tails![10]
  • The Toy House:[2] Build a doll house and fill it with furniture. Hand pictures and light a cozy fire. Mama will be delighted! Baby's[sic] just learning to crawl. Better give him plenty of toys. Can you find the letters to spell your name?[10]
  • Under the Sea:[2] Get in the swim with sharks, jellyfish and seahorses. The diver bobs like a bubble, while the mermaid guards the sunken treasure. Clam shells open shyly to show their shimmering pearls. All to the beautiful sounds of undersea music![10]


  • Developed for Sega by: Headgames, Inc.
  • Producer: Mike Larsen
  • Product Manager: Charlie Altekruse
  • Marketing Product Support: Clint Dyer
  • Designers: Marc Le Brun, Dan Rosengeld, and the team...
  • Programming: Ben Sharpe, Jay Carlson, Dilip DaSilva
  • Additional Programming: Joshua Singer
  • Art: Bob Hanon, Yongki Yoon, Doug Nishimura
  • Project Manager: Jonathan Miller
  • Sound Design/FX: Mark Steven Miller, Neuromantic Productions
  • Music: Ted Allen, John Baker
  • Additional Music: Jim Donofrio
  • Lead Tester: Mark Paniagua
  • Assistant Leads: Jeff Loney, Joel Breton
  • Testers: Bill Person, Randy Kreidt, Arnold Galano, Dan Katzer, Mike Chao, Mark Dawson, Mike Wu, Jeffry Kessler, Robert Owen, Rachael Bristol
  • Creative Services: Moore & Price, Sutton Trout
  • Manual: Carol Ann Hanshaw
  • Special Thanks: Bob Harris, Cynthia Wilkes, Diane Fornasier, Joe Miller, John Gillin, Michael McCormick, Mike Latham


  • Aside from Sonic and Tails, three other Sega franchises characters make appearances in this game: Toejam, Earl, and Ecco the Dolphin.
    • Sonic and Ecco the Dolphin also appear together on the cover of Sega Smash Pack for Game Boy Advance. They had previously appeared together on the cover of Sonic the Comic #13.
    • It is also one of the only two Sonic-related Sega games to include Toejam and Earl in it.
  • This is the only Sonic-related Sega Mega Drive game to not be included in Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.
  • This is the first title that lead to a library of titles for the Mega Drive and Game Gear aimed for young kids called the "Sega Club."
  • This is the first Sonic game to use the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) label on the cover art for it's North American release instead of the Videogame Rating Council (V.R.C.) label.


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