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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Voxai Colony Beta

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Voxai Colony Beta (ヴォクサーコロニーB Vu~okusākoronī B?), also shortened as Colony Beta or Voxai Beta, is the eleventh area that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and is as well the fouth area encountered in the Twilight Cage. It is one of two Voxai homeworlds, located in Sector Charybdis of the Twilight Cage. This stage is the local residence for most of the Voxai citizens, more notably, Thebes.


Sonic and his friends arrived on Voxai Colony Beta on the Cyclone. While on Colony Beta, Shade warns them that the Overmind could take control of them, the group then encounters Thebes, who wishes to help Sonic and his friends stop the Overmind. He invites them into his house where they are brought up to speed but two of Thebes friends were suddenly taken control of by the Overmind and demanded Thebes turn himself in. Sonic and his group fought the two and made their way to a special teleporter that would take them to Colony Alpha. But one of the Overmind's elite guards, Thelxe cut them off at the teleporter and tried to stop Sonic from advancing, which failed. After Thelxe was beaten, Thebes took a mental passcode from Thelxe's mind and put it on Sonic's mind so the team were able to enter Colony Alpha without problems. Thebes then stayed behind to "keep his mind on him [Thelxe]." After the Overmind was defeated, Colony Beta was completely liberated. Colony Beta and Colony Alpha later served to help find a weak spot in the deflector shield protecting Nocturne.


Name Price
Med Emitter 20 Rings
Refresher Wave 20 Rings
Ring of Life 20 Rings
Cure All Spray 20 Rings
Psychic Water 15 Rings
Crazy Beans 15 Rings
Speed Bar 15 Rings
Nimble Slippers 100 Rings
Shielded Sneakers 120 Rings
Dura-Hydraulics 130 Rings
Spiny Claws 110 Rings
Mirror Gloves 120 Rings
Wind Ring 100 Rings
Water Ring 100 Rings



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