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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Voxai Colony Alpha

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Voxai Colony Alpha (ヴォクサーコロニーA Vu~okusākoronī A?), also shortened as Colony Alpha, is the twelfth area that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the fifth area encountered in the Twilight Cage and as well the penultimate stage of the game. It is one of two Voxai homeworlds, located in Sector Charybdis of the Twilight Cage. This is where the Overmind was fought.


After gaining a mental passcode from Thelxe in Voxai Colony Beta, Sonic and his group went to Voxai Colony Alpha. After solving a puzzle, Sonic and friends entered a small area where the Overmind was waiting for them. But, once there, Sonic's group (excluding Sonic and optionally Omega, Big, and Cream) fell under the Overmind's mind control and uttered a brainwashed line (though Knuckles says that he "Must. Protect. Overmind"). Overconfident, the Overmind gave Sonic his friends back, which proved to be their downfall. Thebes, from Colony Beta, came to congratulate the group and, realizing that the Voxai needed new leadership, took over as Overmind. Colonies Alpha and Beta later helped the Zoah colony find a weak point in Nocturne's deflector shield so they could fire a missile with Nrrgal Drones in it to make a small hole so the Cyclone could make it through.





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