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Quotation1.svg Quite a change from the cool slopes of Diamond Dust! Leap the lava beds and go with the flow! Use the Sonic Spin Dash to activate the elevators, and keep an eye out for Fire shields to save Sonic from suffering a hot foot! Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic 3D Blast manual[1]

Volcano Valley Zone is the fifth Zone of Sonic 3D Blast.


Volcanic Valley Zone is set in the volcano of Flicky Island. Sonic will be traversing down a light blue and beige checkered path beneath mounds of solidified lava adorned with crystals. Alongside the dead trees, there also plenty of lava pools, both in the form of river streams bellow the ground and smaller square pools interrupting the walking path.


After passing through the Diamond Dust Zone, Sonic makes his way through Volcano Valley Zone.


As with other Zones in this game, Volcano Valley consists of two standard Acts followed by a third Act containing only the boss fight. In Acts 1 and 2, Sonic must free captured Flickies from inside Badniks, depositing five of the birds into a Goal Ring to progress between sections of the level (usually three per Act).

This Zone is almost entirely covered in lava. Because of this, the Flame Shield is very useful since it allows Sonic to walk on the lava. It also makes him immune to the numerous flamethrowers placed around. There are also stone panels that Sonic can break by jumping on them. Some of them hide holes that he can use to reach other parts of this level. Some parts require Sonic to Spin Dash on elevators to reach high areas, similar to the ones in Lava Reef Zone.


Act 1

Starts off in a center field with only three rings. Sonic will need to jump over a lava filled lake brimming with spouting fireballs to proceed any further. Across the next lava lake, an area containing a Badnik houses a breakable wall where Knuckles can be found. Past a long trail of fire and Badniks, the first Goal Ring resides.

Sonic is then transported into a small island where a small lava pool rests at the end. The player will need to carefully break the stone panels on the floor to reveal a transport tunnel leading to the next area, but beware the lava panels underneath the stones. Sonic will then need to make his way up tall canyons by use of an elevator platform. A dead-end canyon leads to another secret.

Once inside the third area, down the canyon means no turning back. A big jump is needed to cross a large lava pit. Through here, it is more of the same, though an Item Box is located past a dangerous flow of lava.

Act 2

Starts off rather dangerous; isolated in the bottom corner, surrounded by lava and rotating spikes and without any Rings nearby. Carefully navigate past these obstacles to acquire some kind of protection for the obstacles that lie ahead. This starting room also contains a Fire Shield, a Continue charm (both on thin surfaces surrounded by lava and spouting fireballs), two lava ropes, two Badniks, and a breakable wall containing a few Rings. Continuing on, another lava lake, but this time with a moving stone platform to ride safely on. Both of the paths near the stone platform will connect to each other. An elevator platform in between the long, winding path will lead to the first Goal Ring.

In the second area, jumping skills are needed to cross over a large quantity of lava pits with fireballs. Tails is located nearby behind another breakable wall. The path then splits into two. The bottom path leads to a mid-sized lava lake with another stone platform. This area also has two more paths; one connects to the main path, while the other leads to a small island containing a secret tunnel that leads Sonic on a tall ledge leading back to the starting room. Jumping off the ledge however, will reveal Knuckles nearby. On the main path, a rather simple square shaped path with a large ledge to jump on/off. Near another lava pit, one last elevator ride leads to the exit Goal Ring above.

Act 3

After traversing through the treacherous landscape, Sonic lands on a small island on a ledge filled with lava. A machine is centered in the lava, with pipes pumping out excess lava over two edges. After a bit of sightseeing, Robotnik soon appears and lands his Egg Mobile in the center of the contraption.

Act 3 only contains nine Rings, three on each corner of land except Sonic's starting position.


The boss of Volcano Valley Zone

Like in Rusty Ruins, Robotnik docks his Egg Mobile with a fixed-position killing machine in this Zone. Sitting in the middle of a crisscross of pipes above the lava, Robotnik directs homing ribbons of fire towards Sonic's position. The player has to dodge the hunter-seeker flames and run along the fuel pipes to hit the mobile at the center of the contraption. Much of the danger here comes not from Robotnik's weapons themselves, but from the lava that surrounds him. Put a foot wrong on those pipes and Sonic will find himself taking a hasty trip to the burn ward.


  • Curiously, one of the Flicky types in this level is fiery orange instead of pink. This could be because of palette limitations.
  • The music for Act 1 (Sega Saturn version) of this Zone is later remixed as the theme for the Kron Colony from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • This is the last Zone in the game to feature Tails and Knuckles, thus it is the last Zone where one can get Chaos Emeralds.
  • In the sound test menu, Act 2's music is placed before Act 1's. It is possible the tracks were originally reversed.
    • Curiously, both of these tracks are located after Rusty Ruin Zone and before Spring Stadium Zone in the Sound Test menu. It is possible the Zone order may have been originally different as well.
  • If Sonic is underneath any of the elevator platforms in this Zone while they are lowering, he will get crushed.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Volcano Valley Zone Act I Tatsuyuki Maeda 2:20
Volcano Valley Zone Act II Tatsuyuki Maeda 2:41
Volcano Valley Zone Act 1 Richard Jacques 3:11
Volcano Valley Zone Act 2 Richard Jacques 2:34


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