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Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
Volcanic Crater

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Volcanic Crater is the fifth area in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. It is an active volcano island containing a hangar of millennia-old vehicles from the Ancients. After following Metal Sonic here, Team Sonic sought to escape the volcano as it began to erupt.


Volcanic Crater World Map

Volcanic Crater's World Map.

Volcanic Crater is a dark grey high island consisting solely of an active volcano. The volcano's throat is filled with yellow lava that pours down the volcano's sides in rivers. No organic life exists here due to the hostile environment. Underground, the island is a labyrinth of volcanic caverns with magma rivers and a hidden hangar with Ancient vehicles.

The adventure level takes place in the red-hot-colored underground abyss. Along the paths are wooden bridges and crystal clusters. The initial caverns are dark, being only dimly lit up by rivers and pools of boiling magma with crusts. The paths here also consist of half-cooled magma. Deeper inside is the volcano's magma chamber. Here, the cavern structures are glowing orange and on the verge of melting, Ancient statues can be spotted, and pure yellow magma rivers and magma falls are everywhere. The paths here are more harden, albeit with a few magma veins, but are otherwise dimly lit due to the bright background.


Having followed Metal Sonic to Volcanic Crater, Team Sonic eventually got lost in the underground caverns as the volcano was about to erupt. Fortunately, Tails had just finished decrypting one of Amy's files which revealed that there was an old hidden vehicle hangar from the Ancients in the volcano. Grabbing a aircraft there, Team Sonic used it to escape the volcano and reach Lyric the Last Ancient's flying stronghold where Amy was being held prisoner, despite Tails' issues with their aircraft's controls.


Volcanic Crater's adventure level, like the others, is divided into two parts (the foreground and background) that run parallel to each other, which can be traveled between with the Slingshot. Standard gimmicks here include Bounce Pads, Boost Pads, Enerbeam Swings, Rails and disappearing platforms. Hazardous obstacles in Volcanic Crater include lava pits and red panels with blowtorches. Touching such obstacles will damage the player and return the characters to an earlier position. Volcanic Crater also has collectibles scattered about which unlock extra content if collected and breakable obstacles that give extra Rings.

Like other adventure levels, Volcanic Crater's has several character-specific gimmicks for the playable characters. These include dash blocks for Sonic, Air Vents and Sea Fox sections for Tails, Burrow spots for Knuckles, and Boomerang Switches for Sticks.


Volcanic Caverns

Volcanic Caverns is the area's only adventure level. The foreground is set within the outer underground caverns, while the background is set inside the volcano's magma chamber. It becomes available after obtaining twenty Sonic Badges.

At the start, proceed down the right-orientated paths to reach a Slingshot and use it. Go then right again on the next path and a Slingshot will soon appear. Use that and go down the path on the right, which has emphasis on grind rails and dash blocks blocking them. Use the next Slingshot that comes into view and use the Burrow spot on the right after landing to enter a new section. Keep going right on the path that Knuckles subsequently enters to reach a Slingshot and use it. Go then down the next path on the right, which has emphasis on Air Vents, to reach a new Slingshot. Use it and go right until the goal appears.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Get six Blueprints Sonic Badge
Get five Crystal Shards Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 100 Rings Token
Reach goal in 06:40 min Token

Worm Tunnel

Main article: Worm Tunnel

The Worm Tunnel is a bonus level where the player must race to the end of an obstacle course while dealing with Driller Worms. It becomes available after clearing Volcanic Caverns and obtaining about twenty-three Sonic Badges.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 250 Rings Token
Reach goal in 01:55 min Token

Q-N-C's Toy Shop

Main article: Q-N-C's Toy Shop

This building is the local shop owned by Q-N-C. Here, the player can trade Tokens for toys and display their current collection. It becomes available after clearing Volcanic Crater.



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A Richard Jacques 4:30
Volcanic Caverns 1
N/A Richard Jacques 4:14
Volcanic Caverns 2
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