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Void Battle

Void Battle (ヴォイドバトル Vuoidobatoru?) is a Stage Clear Mini-Game for Fourth Dimension Space in Sonic Shuffle.


Void Battle occurs at the end of Fourth Dimension Space. In Void Battle, Void has turned into a huge creature that is out to take the player's Rings. Everyone is on a platform with a smaller raised platform in the center. Void goes around attacking people. In the meantime, there are a bunch of switches on the platform. Two light up at one time. If the player is the first to jump on one of the switches, Void will throw Rings in their direction. Rings get sprinkled around the area as well as rocks that can hurt the characters. Void's attacks include smashing the ground to create shockwaves, zapping one person, stomping on people and so on.When Void tosses Rings, the player can steal them by jumping up to grab them. Sometimes they do not even land on the switch.

The game ends when the lit switches are hit sixteen times and the big center switch gets lit.

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