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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the episode, see The Void. For other articles with similar names, see Void (disambiguation).

The Void,[1] known to Naugus as Sanctuary,[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is an alternate dimension discovered by the sorcerer Naugus, and Dr. Robotnik devised a means to enter it. Robotnik used the Void as a prison for his enemies, including Naugus and the King.


Naugus' crystal palace in the Void.

The Void is a vast and largely empty dimension. Only one mass of land is known, which is an island made only of crystals. It includes Naugus' Sanctuary and a crystalline version of the King's castle. However, Naugus has stated that all of these locations are illusions created by himself. Within the Void, Naugus can control and re-shape the dimension's crystals as he sees fit. In addition, the dimension's properties makes Naugus nearly omnipotent, as his magic in the Void allows him to do anything except leave the Void.[2]

Even after his years of imprisonment, Naugus claimed that there was much about the Void that he did not yet understand. Prolonged exposure to the Void in particular makes visitors unable to exist in dimensions outside of it. Attempting to leave the Void after receiving so must exposure will cause the Void to draw away their victims' life force, which will result in the victims gradually turning into lifeless crystal statues after some time. The only way to prevent and reverse this process is to return to the Void so that Naugus can control it.[2]

A portal into the Void.

The Void can be accessed by means of portals. These portals are pinkish-purple vortices, with yellow rings or spirals radiating inward. These portals provide incredible suction into the Void, making the dimension almost impossible to escape. Only someone with Sonic's level of speed is able to break free and ultimately travel freely through Void portals.[2]


TV series


The King being sucked into the Void.

In the past, the Void was discovered by Naugus, and his associate Dr. Robotnik devised a means to enter. Eventually, Naugus ventured inside the Void to explore it, using threats of force to ensure that Robotnik would bring him back after an hour. However, as soon as Naugus was inside, Robotnik sealed the portal and ordered Snively to delete all retrieval programs.[2]

In 3224, after Robotnik staged his coup of Mobotropolis and overthrew the King, Robotnik trapped the King in the Void as well.[3]

Season two

Many years later, Dr. Robotnik attempted to imprison Sonic the Hedgehog in the Void too. Using Ari to lure Sonic to a secret fortress, Robotnik trapped Sonic in a giant game of pinball, with a portal to the Void instead of a pinball drain. Whenever Sonic scored points, the portal would close. However, when Robotnik scored points, the portal would open. However, Ari had a change of heart and rescued Sonic, who managed to destroy the pinball bumpers and flippers with a Power Ring. In response, Robotnik activated the full power of the portal into the Void. The pinball fortress was subsequently sucked into the Void, along with Ari, before the portal dissolved into thin air, but Sonic was able to escape thanks to his speed.[1]

Naugus holding Sally and Bunnie imprisoned in the Void.

Eventually, Naugus was able to learn how to open a portal connecting Mobius and the Void, from within the Void. He was still not able to escape, but he was able to send a small artifact back to Mobius, disguised as a ring of the Mandaras. While running through the Great Unknown, Sonic almost got sucked into Naugus' Void portal. However, he managed to escape its pull thanks to the power of a Power Ring. Afterward, Sonic found Naugus' artifact and took it with him. This artifact later brought Sally and Bunnie to the Void through some kind of spell. There, Naugus intended to use the girls as bait to lure Sonic to him so that he could use Sonic to escape the Void. Soon after, Sonic returned to the Great Unknown while followed by the forces of Dr. Robotnik, who feared that Naugus would return now that he could open portals into the Void. Eventually, Sonic got sucked into the Void, where he met Naugus. Having no intention of helping Naugus, Sonic only wanted to save Sally and Bunnie. Naugus, however, trapped them in a crystal tunnel when Sonic tried to escape the Void with his friends. Regardless, Sonic managed to burrow a way through the crystal to the place where Naugus' crystal palace was located. There, Sonic, Sally and Bunnie found an ill King, whom Sonic agreed to take out of the Void. After Sonic left with the King through a portal out of the Void though, Ari and the real King appeared, who explained that Naugus had impersonated the King so that Sonic would free him. Naugus, however, allowed Sonic to save his friends from the Void while he humiliated Robotnik. Sonic subsequently pulled Sally, Bunnie, Ari, and the King out of the Void. However, the King and Naugus had to return to Void because their bodies could no longer handle existing outside the Void.[2]

In other media

Archie Comics

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Void was a pocket dimension. It was similar to the Zone of Silence in many ways, but was far more stable and easier to enter and leave. It was combined with the Zone of Silence by Ixis Naugus to increase overall stability. Dr. Eggman sought to harness the power of this new improved Zone of Silence through his Egg Grapes. However, thanks to the efforts of Anonymous, most of his Egg Grapes were lost to the zone itself. Not long after, as Anonymous's plans came to fruition, Turbo Tails and Super Shadow used their combined talents to seal the hundreds of gathered Chaos Emeralds inside the zone. The surge in power was snatched by Feist; he revamped the zone and condensed the Emeralds to seven. everything within the zone was wiped clean and recreated anew, resulting in the Special Zone now under his rule.


  • Writer Ben Hurst revealed that, if Sonic the Hedgehog had not been cancelled after the end of Season Two, it would have been revealed that following the destruction of the Doomsday Project in the season finale, "The Doomsday Project", Robotnik had been sucked into the Void. The eyes at the end of the episode were Naugus' eyes peering out of the Void as it closed. Snively would attempt to take control of Robotropolis but fail, leading him to open the Void and free Naugus, Robotnik and the King.[4][5]


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