Void's transformation is an unnamed transformation that appears in Sonic Shuffle. It is the transformed state of Void which he can assume when his sadness reaches its peak.


Void's transformation hardly resembles his normal form, if at all. Here, he becomes a giant dark blue humanoid creature with a wide upper torso with three yellow eyes with black sclera and half-sealed mouth on his chest. He has no head, instead having a thick neck with a yellow orb floating above, and instead of an abdomen he has an empty space with a yellow orb in the middle. He also gains thick arms with thin joints and no fingers, thorns on his shoulders, wide U-shaped wings on his back and disproportionate legs with thin joins. Additionally, he has cyan-colored lightening-like markings across his body.

Powers and abilities

In this form, Void has displayed superhuman feats of strength, such as enough durability to withstand giant boulders falling down on him, and enough super strength to create shockwaves by hammering into the ground. He is also able to levitate above the ground and project energy attacks, either firing wide energy blasts from his abdomen or concentrated dark lasers from his arms.

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