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Sonic Underground
Virtual Danger (transcript)

This is the Transcript for the Sonic Underground episode, "Virtual Danger".

[Theme song plays.]

[A bird flies around in circles up in the sky. Meanwhile Sonic and Manic are practising flying airships via a virtual reality game called 'Castle Conquest'.]
Sonic: Watch your back Manic!
Manic: I'll put on the brakes and fly right by. Get ready!
Sonic: Hold steady!
Destructo: I've got ya' in my sight, hedgehogs!
Sonic: Hold steady, not yet...
[Sonia enters and unplugs the wire.]
Sonic: Hey, what you do that for?
Manic: We were just about to toast Destructo!
Sonia: I called you fifteen minutes ago, I called you five minutes ago, and now... it's time to go!
Sonic: We didn't hear you.
Sonia: Exactly!

[Cuts to next scene. Sonic, Manic and Sonia are riding in their vehicle.]

Sonic: Hey, we were learning valuable skills in that game.
Sonia: Yeah, right!
Queen Aleena (Narrating): Even when things were going well for the Freedom Fighters, my children could not afford to let down their guard because Robotnik was always looking for a new way to destroy them.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonic: Time to cruise and bruise!
Manic: And they're gonna lose!
[Sonic and Manic give each other a high-five. Sonia walks off in a different direction. Sonic and Manic soon find Cyrus in a room looking at a small screen showing footage of the two of them.]
Cyrus: You guys sure you wanna do this again?
Sonic: Well, I know I'm not so good... But since you're really desperate for pilots, I figured I'd give it another shot!
Cyrus: Ok... let's do it.

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sonic and Manic get ready to set off...]
Cyrus: Ready? Sonic, Manic?
Sonic: Uh, yeah, sure, go!
[They begin to fly the airship as they avoid missiles in their path.]
Sonic: Starting to come back!
[Sonic uses the airship to shoot some obstacles.]
Manic: Nice shot bro!
Cyrus: Good move Sonic!
[They land the airship safely.]
Cyrus: That was great guys! So, what's going on? How did you get so good?
[Sonic and Manic look at each other.]
Sonic and Manic: CASTLE CONQUEST!
[Sonia walks in.]
Sonia: It's confirmed. Our inside source reports that Robotnik started are on it next week.
Cyrus: So he's bound to find out how much we've been skimming off his supply ships. Well it had to happen sooner or later...
Sonic: So time for plan B?
Cyrus: Yep. Time to take all his supply ships. Now we're really gonna need pilots!
Manic: Hedgehog pilots reporting for duty!
Sonia: (Laughs) The crash dummy twins?!! I don't think so... (Laughs)
Cyrus: It's hard to believe but Manic and Sonic aced the simulator.
Sonia: You're right - that is hard to believe! Okay... how did ya' do it?
Sonic and Manic: CASTLE CONQUEST!

[Cuts to next scene. An airship lands. Manic brings the staircase down.]

Manic: Clear!
Cyrus: Two more ships after this. Manic, why don't you take this one, Sonia the next, and Sonic, you take the last one.
Sonia: But the last one's the most likely to get chased. You need your best pilot!
Sonic: He's got it!
Sonia: In a game, maybe. But this is real Sonic hedgehog, this is real! Cyrus?
Cyrus: He aced it! Let's give him a shot. Next one's inbound. Let's move!
[Manic jogs casually into his airship.]
Manic: See ya' round!
[Sonic and Sonia stand there a little concerned watching Manic's airship lift off. Shortly after, Sonia's airship arrives. Sonic brings the steps down for her.]
Sonia: Well if you insist on doing this... good luck.
Sonic: Thanks sis.
[Sonia enters her airship.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Swatbot: Sir, the supply convoy is late. Auto communications not responding.
Dr. Robotnik: What? Readouts, now!
[Robotnik turns on his screen.]
Dr. Robotnik: What's happening? Get a surveillance bot up there, now!

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonic: Almost as good as the game!
[Another small but rounded airship appears in Sonic's view.]
Sonic: Huh? Hi mom, we're number one!

[Cuts to Dr. Robotnik.]

Dr. Robotnik: Blast that cursed hedgehog out of the sky!
Swatbot: Firing launch platform one Sir.
[Missiles are aimed at Sonic.]
Sonic: Hey Robotnik, this thing pulls a little to the right. Might wanna get it in fortuna.
[The missile comes towards Sonic's airship.]
Sonic: It's time to make some funny noises too!
Dr. Robotnik: Attention hedgehog! Get ready to be obliterated...
Sonic: Hey if you wanted your brain back, all ya' had to do was say so.
[The missile hits the back of Sonic's airship.]
Sonic: Okay, I'm taking that as a yes. Ready or not, here I come!!!
[Sonic directs his airship left, right, up and down.]
Dr. Robotnik: What is he doing? Shoot him down!
Swatbot: Launching server.
[Another two bullets get close to Sonic...]
Sonic: Wuh, oh... Playtime's over!
[Sonic picks out a small tool from the pilot area, then he throws it outside and it smashes a part of the vehicle that was attacking him. Sonic reaches for the controls, but some electric sparks give him a little shock.]
Sonic: Whoa!
[Sonic steers his wheel left.]
Dr. Robotnik: It can't be... No! Argh!!!
[Robotnik sprints away.]
Sonic: Uh, oh. I hope I didn't cut this too close.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dr. Robotnik: No!!!
Sonic: Gotta time it just right!
[Robotnik's airship crashes. He begins to flee.]
Dr. Robotnik: Argh!!! Uh... hedgehog!
[Manic comes to assist his brother as he flies by on his hover board.]
Manic: Yo, need a lift?
Sonic: I think I got his attention.
Manic: (Laughs)

[Cuts to next scene.] Cyrus: And Robotnik has to re-gear all his factories to build cargo ships. We heard him this time.

Sonic: Alright! We did it!
Sonia: Great job for us!
Manic: Hip hip, horay dude!
Cyrus: So take a well-deserved break hedgehogs! I'll be in touch.
Sonia: Well, it hurts me to say this but; it seems your silly game may have improved your pilot skills a little.
Sonic: Oh Manic, we've improved!
Manic: I heard.
Sonia: I'm fine. I'm out of here - it's definetly makeover time. See ya' later.
Sonic: Is that a neglected chili dog stand calling my name? Back in a flash!
[Sonic dashes off, leaving Manic on his own.]
Manic: (Yawns) Yeah... okay.
[Manic walks over to a small bench and lies down.]
Manic: Maybe I'll just take a little nap till Sonic get's...
[Sonic arrives in a flash.]
Sonic: (Burps) Hmm, good! C'mon bro. Let's get back to castle conquest.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Manic: I'll put on the brakes and he'll fly right by!
[Sonic and Manic play Castle Conquest again.]
Sonia: You're not gonna get me like that!
Sonic and Manic: Sonia?
Sonia: Oh this game is so easy! You guys are so lame, you didn't realise you could do this!
[Sonia collides with their virtual reality airships.]
Sonic and Manic: WHOA!
[Sonic and Manic get off on hover boards instead... then so does Sonia. Sonia brings out her piano, then Sonic gets his guitar out and lastly, Manic brings his drums.]
Sonia: Time to really play!

["Don't Let Your Guard Down" plays.]

Sonic and Manic: (Gasp!)
[Destructo appears again.]
Destructo: Well, well. Three hedgehogs all arose.
[Destructo prepares to launch his cannon.]
Sonic: Manic!
Manic: Let me go, we're about to be blasted!

[Cuts to the actual scene - Manic was in a dream.]

Sonic: What? What are you talking about? Man, you must have been dreaming.
Manic: I was dreaming about Destructo coming after us.
Sonic: Hey, you don't have to dream about that - let's go get it.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonic: So where's the big De-?
Destructo: Looking for me?
Manic: Hey demon, wanna go one-on-one? Or double up against the gauntlet?
Destructo: I'd love to teach you two some respect but... I'm in the mood to see if we can finally kick it on the gauntlet.
Sonic: Cool! Let's do it to it!
Destructo: Hang on, I've got something for ya'! Check this out...
[Destructo fires a red laser at a wall.]
Manic: Whoa, I've never seen anything like that before!
Destructo: I wrote the software myself. I, I got something even bigger for you later but, download this first. If you want it...
[Sonic pushes the button.]
Sonic: Downloading.
Bot: One file downloaded. Install... Installation complete.
Sonic: Wanna test it?
Manic: Oh yeah!
[Sonic and Manic turn a corner in their airship.]
Destructo: Oh c'mon guys, you wouldn't.
[Sonic fires a blue laser at Destructo's airship and destroys it.]
Destructo: C'mon on guys. That wasn't very...
[The light from the explosion reflects in Sonic's eyes as he smiled.]
Sonic: I like it!
[When Sonic and Manic thought they had got rid of Destructo, he reappears.]
Destructo: Oh, ha, ha. Very funny. Just for that, I don't think I'll share the rest of my new software.
Sonic: Aw, c'mon!
Manic: New software? What is it?
Destructo: Okay, I'll give you a clue. No more lamer castle walls. I created a whole new level.
Sonic: Cool!
Destructo: But first, there's something I wanna show you...
Manic: Oh, great!
[Destructo launches a huge bullet.]
Sonic: Man, he really got us.
Manic: Yeah but he's sending us the download! Excellent.
Sonic: Downloading!
Bot: One file downloaded. Install.
Manic: Affirmative!
[Sonia enters.]
Sonia: Oh goody. More game.
Sonic: Hey!
Sonic: Don't worry, I'm just passing through.
Bot: Install complete. Activate play?
Sonic: That's a big affirmative.
Manic: Nice shot Destructo. A nice game background!
Sonic: Uh oh yeah! Killer software!
Destructo: Word is, you guys did some good work too. I'm on Robotnik's cargo ships.
Sonic: Thanks. It's gonna be months before he gets back to chasing us!
Destructo: I wouldn't be too sure about that. Ha, ha, ha!
[Dr. Robotnik appears.]
Dr. Robotnik: (Chuckles) You fell for it, oh this is rich!
Sonia: You guys want something to eat? ...Oh my God!
[A laser was fired back at Sonic and Manic which caused them to be paralysed then disappear. Their eye masks are left on the floor.]
Sonic: It's Robotnik!
Sonia: Argh!!!
[Cuts to next scene.]
Sonia: Sonic, Manic!
[Sonia puts on one of their eye masks.]
[Cuts to Sonic and Manic.]
[Sonic and Manic briefly float...]
Manic: What happens when the ship's gone?
Sonic: Who cares? It's just a game!
[Suddenly, the two of them fall.]
Sonic and Manic: (Scream)
[Sonic and Manic land on their backs.]
Dr. Robotnik: You don't get it yet, do you hedgehogs? You're inside the game! And if I destroy you in here, you're gone forever which is, by the way, my intention.
[Sonic taps his foot.]
Sonic: Do you believe this guy?
[Sonic dashes away and lands on the front of Robotnik's airship. Dr. Robotnik electrifies him for a few seconds and then lets go. Sonic then falls.]
Dr. Robotnik: (Laughs)
[Sonic runs up to Manic.]
Sonic: So, what do ya' think?
Manic: Not good!
[Robotnik launches another laser towards Sonic and Manic. The laser cracks a part of the ground behind them, causing them to fall forward. Sonic and Manic get up and begin to run.]
Dr. Robotnik: (Laughs), This will be delicious!
[Cuts to next scene.]
Sonia: Oh, oh. Cyrus. It just drew them inside.
[Cyrus attaches the wires back together.]
Cyrus: This is the last download and it's not good. I didn't even know this could happen.
Sonia: What?
Cyrus: Robotnik's pulled them into the game.
Sonia: Well why don't we just pull the plug?
Cyrus: No! If you pull the plug, they've got no path back! There it is... what an ingenious program. But I think I can reverse it...
Sonia: Can we get Sonic and Manic out?
Cyrus: No, get Robotnik IN! I can put someone in the game and if they get inside this control room, they can pull Robotnik inside! Of course it'll take a good pilot!
Sonia: I'm in!
Cyrus: Well while you're in the game, I'm gonna try and find Robotnik's satellite dish. If I disable it, he loses control and the game's over!
[Sonia puts on her headgear.]
Cyrus: You ready?
Sonia: Do it.
[Cuts to next scene.]
[Sonic dashes around a loop with Manic hanging on to him as Dr. Robotnik chases him in his airship.]
Manic: Dude, how long do you keep up this pace?!
Sonic: I don't know, but we're not giving up!
[Robotnik fires a large missile towards Sonic and Manic.]
Manic: Oh no, concussion impact missile right on our tail!
Sonic: Reversing course, hold on!
[Sonic sprints several times around another loop avoiding the missile. The missile ends up hitting a wall next to them.]
[Cuts to next scene.]
Sonic: I think we lost him.
Manic: It's his game Sonic, I don't think we can lose him!
[Robotnik enters.]
Dr. Robotnik: That's correct hedgehogs!
Sonic: Well that's not exactly fair, is it?
[Sonic grabs a hold of Manic's arms and dashes away.]
Manic: Sonic dude, try a super spin!
Sonic: Good idea bro!
[Sonic spins in circles and suddenly becomes dizzy.]
Manic: Oh, bad idea...
Sonic: A big yep on that.
[Robotnik hits a laser around them that had them surrounded by fire.]
Sonic and Manic: (Scream)
Manic: Trapped.
Dr. Robotnik: One more concussion impact missile and my Hedgehog troubles are all over.
[Robotnik tries sending another bullet but suddenly, his cargo ship begins to spin out of control in the air. Then, Sonia arrives as a pilot, flying in her airship.]
Manic: Go sis! Horray!
[Sonic and Manic jump up and down celebrating. Then Sonic grabs Manic's arm and runs away trying to escape the missiles that Robotnik was trying to send at him. Sonic and Manic manage to hide behind a rocky wall.]
Sonia: How rude...
Sonic and Manic: Sonia, over here!
[Sonic and Manic step into Sonia's airship.]
[Cuts to next scene.]
[Cyrus is looking through his binoculars.]
Cyrus: It's gotta be there somewhere... Ha! Got it!
[Cuts to Sonic, Manic and Sonia.]
Manic: Yo, this message should get us into the control room.
[Robotnik chases after Sonic and his siblings via his cargo ship. All of a sudden, Sonia's airship disappears, the three of them fall and land on the ground.]
Sonic: That's not my favorite ride.
Manic: Here it comes.
[Robotnik continues shooting. Sonic grabs Manic and Sonia's arms, and then begins to run again. All three of them head for the control room.]
Dr. Robotnik: Not that way!
Sonia: I had to make this one, Robotnik may get sucked into the game!
Sonic: Okay, but you better hurry! Here he goes!
[Dr. Robotnik comes forward in his cargo ship.]
Dr. Robotnik: Goodbye hedgehogs!
[Robotnik pushes a button that causes a huge bullet to be launched from the front of his ship.]
Sonic: Wuh oh...
[Cuts to Cyrus.]
Cyrus: Game over Robotnik!
[Cyrus cuts the wire for the virtual reality game.]
[Suddenly, Sonic, Manic and Sonia appeared back in their world.]
Sonic: What happened?
Sonia: Cyrus must have found Robotnik's satellite dish!
[Cuts to Robotnik.]
Robotnik: Oh, so close! Next time hedgehogs!
[Cuts to next scene.]
Sonia: Well, that's the last of the cargo.
Manic: Great. Well, what do we do with these cargo ships?
Sonic: We give 'em back! We'll call this advantage hedgehogs!
[Sonic, Manic and Sonia play Castle Conquest against each other.]
Bot: Auto pilots failed to respond on the cargo ships. Collision imminent.
Dr. Robotnik: No!!! Hedgehogs!!!
Sonia: Oh yeah, we did it!
Manic: Alright!
Sonic: Game over butt-nik!
{Credits roll.}