The Vikings are a group that appear in Sonic Rush Adventure. They are a hardy group of anthropomorphic polar bears from Blaze's world that reside in a village of ice houses on Blizzard Peaks in the frozen north.

When Captain Whisker came to their village, the Vikings were trapped in ice when defending their home, but were soon after saved by Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies.


When Captain Whisker and his crew showed up on Blizzard Peaks after escaping from Haunted Ship, the Vikings left their village and tried to fight them off. However, the Vikings were eventually defeated when Whisker and his crew used their machines to freeze all the Vikings in solid ice. Now trapped, all the Vikings could do now were to await their inevitable death.

Some time afterwards, Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Marine arrived on Blizzard Peaks in search of the Vikings to ask for valuable information, believing that they had fought the Whisker and his pirates before. Finding the Vikings' village deserted, Sonic and the others went in search of them, and eventually found both the Vikings and Whisker. After Sonic and Blaze defeated the Ghost Whale and drove Whisker and his crew off, the Vikings were thawed out by Blaze's pyrokinetic abilities. Now freed, Norman thanked Sonic and his friend on behalf of the Vikings for saving them, and told them that they had heard the pirates say that they had made their hideout in some ancient ruins in the far east.

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