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The Videotape is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a collectible that contains a video of one of the cutscenes from Sonic Unleashed.


The Videotapes are located in various places in the game and are collected in different ways; they can either be found inside the Acts of the Action Stages and Entrance Stages where they look like floating VHS and can be picked up by touching them, be purchased from shops in the Town Stages with Rings, be given from Professor Pickle after giving him a Souvenir, be given by the townspeople in the Town Stages after completing a certain Mission, or obtaioned by fulfilling certain conditions. However, they only become available after the cutscene they contain are seen in normal gameplay. There exists a total of 59 Videotapes in the game.

In gameplay, the player can see Videotapes in Pickle's Room after clearing Savannah Citadel Night Act 1. To see the Videotapes in Professor Pickle's room in the Spagonia and Shamar Town Stages, the player must purchase the TV.

List of Videotapes

No. Name Location/Way to Obtain
1 Opening Windmill Isle Day Act 2
2 A New Journey Savannah Citadel Night Act 1
3 Special Sundae Rooftop Run Day Act 1
4 The First Night Dragon Road Day Act 1
5 Tails in Trouble! Cool Edge Night Act 1
6 To Spagonia! Savannah Citadel Day Act 1
7 Kidnapped Rooftop Run Night Act 1
8 Same As Ever Savannah Citadel Day Act 1
9 Gaia Manuscripts Cool Edge Day Act 1
10 Eggman Again Chun-nan's Entrance Stage
11 The Egg Beetle Dragon Road Night Act 1
12 Temple Entrance Cool Edge Day Act 2
13 Temple Activated! Rooftop Run Night Act 1
14 Planet Pieces Chun-nan's Entrance Stage
15 Tails' Report Cool Edge Night Act 1
16 Amy's Mistake Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 1
17 Midnight Dance Receive from Brenda Hernandez in Empire City after clearing
"Brenda Blurb 5"
18 Rescuing Amy Treeshade
19 The Divine Beast Wang's Emporium
20 The Key Cool Edge Night Act 1
21 Chun-nan Temple Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 2
22 Back to Normal Josef's
23 Eggman's Idea Cool Edge Night Act 1
24 Spagonian Temple Receive from Sa'id after clearing "Tip Top Tea 7"
25 Guiding Pulse Shamar's Entrance Stage
26 A Monster on Ice Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 1
27 Holoskan Temple Jungle Joyride Night Act 2
28 Project Dark Gaia Arid Sands Day Act 1
29 Shamaran Temple Jungle Joyride Day Act 3
30 Chip's Change Flying Fish Beach Shop
31 Chip's Memories Golden Trading Company
32 No Reason Flying Fish Beach Shop
33 Eggmanland Counter of Dreams 2
34 The Final Temple Flying Fish Beach Shop
35 The 7th Continent Golden Trading Company
36 Congratulations Eggshop
37 Pickle's Message Flying Fish Beach Shop
38 The Egg Dragoon Golden Trading Company
39 Planet's End Eggshop
40 Dark Gaia Appears Counter of Dreams 2
41 Shrines in Flight Counter of Dreams 2
42 Hour of Awakening Golden Trading Company
43 Charge! Flying Fish Beach Shop
44 Let's Finish This! Counter of Dreams 2
45 Spreading Darkness Eggshop
46 Dark World Wang's Emporium
47 Hope and Despair Ursule's Trading Post
48 The Final Form Golden Trading Company
49 Darkness and Light Counter of Dreams 2
50 Annihilation Flying Fish Beach Shop
51 A Score Settled Eggshop
52 Rekindled Light Give Professor Pickle Souvenirs
53 Begin Anew Counter of Dreams 2
54 Save the Speech Eggshop
55 To the Surface Ursule's Trading Post
56 Always Eggshop
57 Sonic and Chip (in Chun-nan) Feed Chip 8 Lin's Meat Buns while in Chun-nan
58 Sonic and Chip (in Holoska) Feed Chip 16 or more Smoked Mohn while in
59 Sonic and Chip (in Adabat) Feed Chip 14 Bananas while in Adabat


  • After collecting a Videotape from an Act in the Action Stages, the player does not have to complete the Act to obtain it.

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