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Sonic Boom
Victory (transcript)

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This is the transcript from the Sonic Boom episode, "Victory".

[Scene: rec center, day.]

[Sonic turns on the radio and dances on his feet. A soccer ball comes in and he juggles with it.]
Radio: [Singing] I would give my soul to score another goal.
[The Reindeer Girl, Beth the Shrew and the Rabbit Girl are having fun playing with a skipping rope. The Child Monkey and Stratford are breakdancing to the music.]
Radio: [Singing] I go along for the ride but never on the side
[Og surfs on a Hoverboard.]
Radio: [Singing] Then I run out on the field
[Sonic Homing Attacks the ball. Knuckles shows off his skills by hoisting the ball up on his chest. He then falls down and slides the ball from the back of his head down to his feet, where he hoists the ball up again. Knuckles then gets up and heads the ball.]
Radio: [Singing] To no one will I yield
[Jumping into the air, Sticks kicks the ball towards Amy, who kicks it into the air. Tails flies up to the ball and whacks it with his tails.]
Radio: [Singing] And the team of which I'm part got that magic touch
[Sonic spin attacks the ball.]
Radio: [Singing] I believe in my feet
[Knuckles burrows into the ground. As the ball heads towards her, Amy kicks the ball towards the goal. Meanwhile, Knuckles emerges from the ground in front of goal.]
Radio: [Singing] I believe in the way that I play
[Sticks also kicks a ball towards the goal. Knuckles see both balls coming towards him and deflects both of them with his feet. Both balls land in the back of the net.]
Radio: [Singing] When I'm out there kickin' balls, I feel so alive! Ooh, I believe in my feet
Knuckles: Wicked!
Sonic: Man, I love playing soccer at the rec center, [Juggling the ball] and keeping the beat, yo.
[Everyone looks over to Mayor Fink who posts a notice up on the wall.]
Sonic: The rec center's closing forever?
Fink: The funding was pulled 'cause the city needs another houseboat.
Amy: You can't close the rec center! What about the disenfranchised youth?
Knuckles: Yeah! Where will they enfranchise themselves?
Fink: Eh! You win some, you lose some.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Amy: We've got to fight City Hall.
Knuckles: I'll fight any building if it'll save the rec center.
Amy: A better approach might be to gather signatures and petition the government for redress of our grievances.
Knuckles: I don't know what that is, but I wanna fight it, too!
Tails: Let's print out a petition and hit the streets!
Knuckles: OK. I'll hit the street, but after that no more fighting. I'm trying to go legit.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Sonic: [Excitedly] I got another 30% of the village. Two more people signed!
Amy: [Runs to Wild Cat with the petition and pencil] Excuse me, sir. Are you registered to vote?
Wild Cat: If I sign it will you leave me be?
Amy: Well, yeah. After you sign it I don't need you anymore.
[Wild Cat signs the petition and hands it back to Amy. He walks away grumpily.]
Amy: That's how democracy is supposed to work.

[Scene Change: Mayor's Mansion, day.]

Sonic: We did it, Mr. Mayor. We got organized in order to bring about meaningful change!
Fink: Fantastic!
[Fink takes the petitions from Sonic and puts them in the shredder. Sonic has a confused look on his face.]
Fink: I needed confetti for the budget parade. As for the rec center, you're out of luck.
Knuckles: Unbelievable.
Fink: Did you really think it would be over so quickly? We're only two minutes into this thing.
[Eggman, Orbot and Cubot enter Fink's office, all three of them wearing hardhats.]
Dr. Eggman: I'd like to buy the rec center. I'm gonna tear it down to build myself a rec center, just for me. And there's nothing you arrogant bunch of street kids can do about it!
Fink: Unfortunately, control of the rec center can only change hands in an athletic competition. We live in a society of rules. Granted, they're convoluted and arbitrary, but still...
Sonic: [To Eggman] I challenge you and your team to a game of soccer against me and my team! Oh wait. I sarcastically forgot you don't have a team cuz you have no friends!
Dr. Eggman: I don't need friends to put together a soccer team. I have something even better!

[Scene Change: rec center, day.]

[Orbot and Cubot are trying to kick the ball but miss. Another robot (perhaps the Mega or Mega Bot) squashes and deflates another ball. Ballot Stuffer Bot shoots envelopes at the ball but can only move it very slowly. A Shark Bot tries to jump onto the ball but fails. Eggman grunts angrily.]
Orbot: I'm afraid the only team that could beat Sonic and Friends is, well, Sonic and friends.
Dr. Eggman: But where can I find exact duplicates of Sonic and rats?

[Scene Change: Roboken, day.]

[The Egg Rocket is shown travelling to Roboken. The rocket lands in Roboken. A ladder comes out of the Egg Rocket and Eggman opens the rocket's door.]
Dr. Eggman: Now I just have to figure out a way to get the attention of Cyborg Sonic and the rest of the cyborg rats.
[Lasers from Team Cybonic are fired at Eggman. He tries to dodge them, but falls off the edge the rocket's entrance. As he falls, he grabs the rocket's ladder. Team Cybonic continue their laser attack however, forcing Eggman to jump off the rocket's ladder and crash land on the ground.]
Dr. Eggman: That was easier than I thought.
Cyborg Sonic: The evil Dr. Eggman! Why did you return to Roboken?
Dr. Eggman: To make a peace offering. All I need is 30 minutes of your time, and you each get one of these. [Shows Team Cybonic a wristband pedometer] You can count your steps. Some people use it for exercise. I use it to save time with my obsessive counting. Either way, they're my special gift to you.
Cyborg Knuckles: I was going to get one of those things anyway. All right! We're listening!

[Scene Change: Roboken, inside a room, day.]

Dr. Eggman: So in conclusion, please do this for me. Any questions?
Cyborg Sonic: You didn't tell us anything. You just said "in conclusion, please do this for me".
[Eggman looks at his index cards.]
Dr. Eggman: Ohoho! The index cards got mixed up. My bad. [Reading the next card] Good afternoon. I want you guys to beat Sonic's team in a soccer game. In conclusion, please do this for me.
Cyborg Sonic: No thanks
Cyborg Amy: No way.
Cyborg Tails: Nah.
Cyborg Knuckles: Are these little pencils to keep?
Dr. Eggman: Thank for your time, now please accept your gifts.
[Eggman places five wristbands on the table. Each member on Team Cybonic puts one on. As they do, the wristbands take control of their minds.]
All Cyborgs: Team "Eggman is awesome" reporting for duty.

[Scene Change: rec center, day.]

[Team Sonic are practicing their soccer skills until Team Cybonic approach them.]
Sonic: Oh, word. Our cyborg duplicate! What up guys?
Cyborg Sonic: You're about to get served.
Sonic: I thought we were cool.
Cyborg Knuckles: No. We're cool. You're losers.
Knuckles: No. We're losers.
Sonic: What's up with these guys?
[Eggman arrives with Orbot and Cubot in the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: They're under my control.
Sonic: You just flew in at the exact right moment to respond to that?
Dr. Eggman: Honestly, I was hiding behind the tree for a while. Nevertheless, thanks to mind control, I have my team.
[Team Sonic display their fighting poses.]
Sonic: Not for long.
Dr. Eggman: Don't even bother. After the game, I'll release them. Do you have any idea how much mind control costs?
Sonic: You're on, cheapskate. Split the field! Let's practice!
[Team Sonic and Team Cybonic spread out the field. Sticks and Cyborg Sticks place themselves at their respective goals. Amy sets the ball rolling. Sonic passes the ball to Knuckles, but is intercepted by Cyborg Knuckles, who takes the ball. Cyborg Knuckles passes the ball to Cyborg Tails, who takes a shot. Sticks catches the ball before it enters the goal however.]
Orbot: It appears as though they're evenly matched. You need to somehow enhance your team.
Dr. Eggman: I'll have to reprogram their behavior. What's the most unpleasant, mean-spirited and brutish aggressor society has ever known?
Cubot: A high score jock?
Dr. Eggman: No. A high school jock. I have a firmware update for that but it's just too evil. On the other hand, I really want that rec center something fierce.
[Eggman presses his wrist controller, reprogramming Team Cybonic.]
Cyborg Sonic: Bro, I feel strong bro!
Cyborg Knuckles: I feel strong bro too, bro!
Cyborg Tails: Let's school those weeds!
Cyborg Amy: I call the lame pink one.
[Team Cybonic approach Team Sonic with the ball at Cyborg Sticks' feet. The other members of Team Cyborg hold their counterparts down while Cyborg Sticks runs through them. She shoots the ball past Sticks, finding the net. Team Cybonic celebrate and put their hands together. Team Sonic look at their counterparts in dismay.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Tails: I can't believe the beating we took out there.
Sonic: Can I get a double Meh Burger and regret-sized fries?
Cyborg Sonic: Can I get a double Meh Burger and regret-sized fries? Out of the way, bluser!
[Cyborg Sonic pushes Sonic, who loses his temper.]
Cyborg Knuckles: We're first! Unless there's something before first. Then we're that!
[Both Cyborg Knuckles and Cyborg Sonic stand on the counter.]
Cyborg Knuckles: This is my counter!
[Both Cyborg Knuckles and Cyborg Sonic fight each other on the counter.]
Sonic: Hey! Get off the counter or I'll drag your metal butts off!
Both Cyborg: Oooh!
[Sonic grunts in anger.]
Tails: We don't want to hurt them. They're our friends. They're just under mind control.
Cyborg Knuckles: Aww... Little baby going back to his burger-less crib?
[Both Cyborg Knuckles and Cyborg Sonic laugh and give themselves a high-five.]

[Scene Change: Rec center, day.]

Soar the Eagle: It's the day of the big match. Sonic and gang vs. Cyborg Sonic and cyborg gang. Truly a match for the ages and cyborg ages.
Sonic and Cyborg Sonic: You're going down!
Fastidious Beaver: I want a fair game. But I want a lot of things I don't get, like a fondue set.
[Fastidious blows the whistle and puts the ball down to start the game. Cyborg Sonic has the ball first. Tails tries to tackle, but the ball is passed to Cyborg Tails, who dribbles the ball past Amy. He plays the ball to Cyborg Knuckles who shoots at Sticks' face. She screams and flinches as the ball goes past her and in the net. Team Cyborg celebrate. Cyborg Amy is then show scoring a goal. Cyborg Sonic is then shown scoring a goal. Cyborg Tails is then shown scoring a goal. Fastidious blows the whistle again.]
Soar: It's the end of the first half and things are not looking good for that rec center.
Dr. Eggman: [To Team Cybonic] Keep it mean, keep it unfair, and we've got this!
[Team Cybonic celebrate with Eggman joining in.]
Sonic: How do we beat our unsportsmanlike counterparts?
Tails: The key is to figure out where their weaknesses and our strengths overlap.
Cyborg Knuckles: Nerd alert!
[Team Cybonic whack Tails with their whips.]
Amy: How original.
Tails: That's it. They're too dumb now to be creative! We need to get a little... unpredictable.
Sticks: We've got to get back to our roots.
Amy: Let's do it!
Sonic: Yeah!
Tails: It's worth a shot!
Knuckles: [Looking away] Which goal is ours again?
Soar: The second half is about to begin, and Team Sonic is nowhere to be found.
Cyborg Sonic: What's taking those dweebs so long?
[Sonic turns on the radio. Team Sonic perform their dance routine in front of their opponents. Sticks and Tails do a breakdance. Knuckles, Sonic and Amy land on their feet with their left hand also on the ground and their right up in the air. They then switch hands as a routine. Sticks and Tails then follow up by doing the same. Team Cybonic look at each other in confusion. Team Sonic get up and do a finishing pose.]
Sonic: Woo!
[Sonic has the ball first, juggling it. Cyborg Sonic tries to take the ball away but Sonic passes it to Amy, who catches it with both her feet. She passes it to Knuckles who heads it upwards, digs down the pitch and with the ball coming down, lands it on his head. Cyborg Knuckles tries to kick it away, but Knuckles ducks down, leaving Cyborg Knuckles to fall over on his back. Eggman grunts in anger. Knuckles heads the ball up and passes to Sticks. She hops, keeping the ball between her feet and does a handstand to prevent being tackled by Cyborg Sticks while walking on her hands. As Cyborg Sonic and Cyborg Tails tackle her, she pushes both her hands off the ground. She lands back on her feet. As Cyborg Knuckles comes over to challenge her, she backflips and releases the ball. Tails flies and shoots the ball at the goal. Eggman groans as Sonic spins on the ground and shoots the ball, which goes into the back of the net. The crowd cheer. Amy dances and kicks the ball as it flies over her, which also goes into the goal. Knuckles dances and kicks the ball at the goal from his own half. Sticks dances and scorpion kicks the ball at goal. Tails flies and scores another goal. Team Cybonic mindlessly walk about.]
Cyborg Sonic, Cyborg Tails, Cyborg Knuckles, Cyborg Amy and Cyborg Sticks: Does not compute. Does not compute.
[Fastidious Beaver blows the whistle and calls a halt to the match.]
Fastidious: Team Sonic wins!
[The crowd cheer in response.]
Sonic: We did it! The rec center is ours!
Old Monkey: These kids today and their wacky soccer shows. When I was a boy, you got a grapefruit and a broken trash can, and you were happy to have that!
[Mayor Fink walks in.]
Fink: Now that we only have seconds left to resolve this thing, and since everyone loves the rec center, I decided to keep it open!
[The crowd cheer.]
Fink: I'll close the library instead!
[Everyone cheers except for Amy.]
Sonic: All right, egghead. Time to uphold your end of the bargain and let the cyborgs go.
Dr. Eggman: I ain't freeing nobody! Cyborgs, attack!
[Team Sonic and the Cyborgs attack each other. Both Sticks throw their boomerangs but they both collide and fall. Both Tails attack with their wrenches. Both Knuckles fight each other. Both Sonics charge at and chase each other. Both Amys fight each other with their hammers. Tails discovers the wristband on Cyborg Tails' wrist.]
Tails: It's the wristband! That's what's controlling them!
[Tails uses his wrench to snap the wristband off Cyborg Tails. The rest of Team Sonic take the wristbands off their Cyborg counterparts. Sonic dumps his wristband on the ground and flattens it with his boot.]
Dr. Eggman: Hey! Those things are expensive!
[Team Sonic and Team Cybonic charge at Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Uh oh...
[Team Sonic and Team Cybonic play soccer with Eggman, Orbot and Cubot while they sit in the Eggmobile. Eggman exclaims in pain as he gets tossed around. The screen then freezes as the radio song plays.]
Radio: [Singing] Ooh, I believe in my feet