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"Victory"[2] is the ninety-first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 5 August 2017 in the United States and is scheduled to air on 28 September 2017 in France.


Sonic challenges Eggman to a game of soccer in order to save the Village's beloved rec center.[3]



Races and species:





The episode begins with Team Sonic and some of the other villagers playing a wide variety of sports at the rec center with some music playing. Mayor Fink soon appears however with a notice announcing that the rec center will be closing due to a lack of funding. Team Sonic is very much against this, but Fink remains very nonchalant about their objections.

Later at Meh Burger, Team Sonic decides to oppose this by making a petition. After collecting enough signatures from the villagers, Team Sonic approaches the Mayor in his mansion to show him that the village does not want the rec center to be closed. Despite Team Sonic's efforts however, the Mayor shreds the petition and notes that they are "out of luck" for the rec center. Suddenly, Dr. Eggman bursts into the room, followed by Orbot and Cubot. Eggman announces that he wants to buy the rec center, and build a new one that only he is permitted to use. Mayor Fink mentions however that the Village's rules state that ownership of the rec center can only be passed on by winning an athletic competition. Sonic thus challenges Eggman to a soccer game, which Eggman accepts. However, Sonic notes that Eggman is missing one thing in order to play the game: a soccer team.

In responds to Sonic's taunts, Eggman has his robots try out for his soccer team, but all of them prove incapable of playing soccer. When Orbot mentions that only Team Sonic can beat Team Sonic however, Eggman uses the Egg Rocket to go to Roboken to recruit Team Cybonic. Upon entering Roboken, he gains Team Cybonic's attention, who immediately attacks him. Eventually, he makes them cease fire by telling them that he comes with a peace offer. He also adds that if they are willing to listen to him, he will give them wristband pedometers as gifts. Team Cybonic agrees to this, but when Eggman tells them during their peace discussion that he wants them to defeat Team Sonic in soccer, the team refuses his offer. Eggman then, as promised, hands over his pedometers to Team Cybonic, who instantly put them on. However, the pedometers turn out to be mind-controllers, which make the team subservient to Eggman and form a new team called "Team 'Eggman is Awesome'".

While Team Sonic is practicing, Team Cybonic approach them. While Sonic is happy to see them at first, he quickly questions the relationship the two teams have after Team Cybonic mocks them. Once Sonic questions what is wrong with Team Cybonic, Eggman appears and announces his mind-control scheme to Team Sonic. Team Sonic prepares at first to make Eggman free their cyborg counterparts by force, but Eggman promises them that he will free Team Cybonic after the match since mind-control is too expensive. With that in mind, the two teams decide to practice. Seeing that the two teams are evenly matched, Eggman updates his team's firmware to make them act like high school jocks. With their new unsporting personalities, Team Cyborg wins the practice game.

Later at Meh Burger, while Tails contemplates the game and Sonic orders a meal, Cyborg Sonic and Cyborg Knuckles appear and mock Sonic. The two cyborgs then proceed to play-fight on Meh Burger's counter. Cyborg Sonic and Cyborg Knuckles tease Sonic again when he tells them to get off of the counter, but Tails reminds Sonic that he must let this slide since the cyborgs are their friends and only behave like that because they are under mind-control.

On the day of the match, Soar the Eagle reports on the scene while Fastidious Beaver acts as the referee. At the end of the first half, Team Cybonic takes the lead, and Eggman tells his team to keep being unfair. After a few observations however, Tails concludes that Team Cybonic is too stupid now with their new personalities to be creative. As such, in order for Team Sonic to win the game, they must become unpredictable. They do this by dancing and performing many tricks with the ball during the second half of the game. Team Sonic's creativity proves too much for Team Cybonic to compute, allowing Team Sonic to win. Mayor Fink then appears and decides to reopen the rec center and close the library instead since everyone loves the rec center so much (and because there is so little time left of the episode to resolve this). Sonic then demands that Eggman let Team Cybonic free. Instead, Eggman commands Team Cybonic to attack Team Sonic. During the fight, Tails realizes that it is the wristband pedometers that are controlling Team Cybonic, and each member of Team Sonic removes them from their respective clone. With the wristbands removed, Team Cybonic returns to their normal selves, and Team Sonic destroys the wristbands. Team Sonic and Team Cybonic then proceed to kick Eggman and his Eggmobile around in a circle as payback.



  • The shade of Cubot's yellow color scheme differs between his body and gloves.
  • When Mayor Fink announces that he will be closing the library, Fastidious Beaver can be seen cheering amongst the audience. This makes little sense as Fastidious works at the library as its librarian.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Victoire Victory
Italian Vittoria
Polish Zwycięstwo
Portuguese (Brazil) Vitória
Portuguese (Portugal)
Russian Матч века Match of the century
Spanish (Latin America) Victoria Victory
Ukrainian Перемога



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