Quotation1 Eliminate Rivals in a series of showdown races Quotation2
— In-game description, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Versus is one of events featured in the World Tour of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



Selecting a Versus race during the World Tour.

Versus is a special type of race which the player participates in alone. Versus events only appear in the World Tour and after passing them, the player will sometimes unlock the last character they faced in a Versus event. The goal of Versus events is to overcome each of the opponents that appear on the route by overtaking them. The event is divided into several rounds.


When starting a round or overtaking a rival, a small cutscene of the rival's entrance appears.

When first starting out a Versus event, the player is shown the portrait of an opponent, who then appears on the road a short distance ahead of the player. The player then begins one of the rounds by racing alongside the opponent. Once this one-on-one race is initiated, a counter will appear on the top of the screen. This counter counts down from sixty seconds until it hits zero, which will mark the end of the round. This counter also indicate the player's standing. If it is red, it means the player is behind their opponent, and if the player has not overtaken their opponent before the end of the round, they will lose the entire event. If the counter is green however, it means that the player has overtaken their opponent. If the player can maintain their leading position until the end of the round, the opponent will be defeated and the player will move onto the next round where they will face their next opponent.

There is also a vertical bar in the bottom left corner of the screen's HUD that shows the distance between the two racers in a Versus event. If the player falls too far behind their opponent, they begins to fall towards the red bottom of the bar. If the player stays in the red field for too long, they will lose the entire event. Similarly, if the player gets farther ahead of their opponent, they will start climbing up towards the green field in the bar. If the player can stay in the green field long enough, their opponent will be eliminated before the end of the round, and the player will move onto the next opponent.

Versus ends after the player eliminates all their opponents. The player can choose the level of difficulty (C for Easy, B for Medium, A for Hard, and S for Expert). The higher the level, the more stars the player will receive for their victory (from 1 for Easy to 4 for Expert).


Sunshine Coast

Map icon Track Name Opponents Character unlocked
Sunshinemission5 Samba Studios Studio Scrapes
  1. Beat
  2. MeeMee
  3. Amigo

Frozen Valley

Map icon Track Name Opponents Character unlocked
Frozen6 Ocean View Seaside Scrap
  1. Amy
  2. Knuckles
  3. Shadow

Twilight Engine

Map icon Track Name Opponents Character unlocked
Twdeath Egg Hangar Death Egg Duel
  1. Knuckles
  2. Joe Musashi
  3. AiAi
  4. Dr. Eggman
Twijoe Seasonal Shrines Shinobi Showdown
  1. B.D Joe
  2. Pudding
  3. Ralph
  4. Joe Musashi
Joe Musashi

Moonlight Park

Map icon Track Name Opponents Character unlocked
MOON1 Galactic Parade Carnival Clash
  1. Sonic
  2. Shadow
  3. Amy
  4. Knuckles
  5. Tails

Superstar Showdown

Map icon Track Name Opponents Character unlocked
Star2 Chilly Castle Castle Chaos
  1. Danica Patrick
  2. NiGHTS
  3. Ulala
  4. Ralph
  5. Vyse

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