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Velvet Smythe from Sonic the Comic #125. Art by Andy Pritchett.

Velvet Smythe is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was an anthropomorphic lion and fashion designer from the Eldorado Zone. He created designs that he knew were "crummy", simply to make money from the wealthy residents of the zone.


One of Velvet Smythe's popular ideas was a range of clothes made from the remains of destroyed Badniks. When Tails visited the Zone and saw how ridiculous the designs were, he met Velvet Smythe and revealed that he hadn't fought many Badniks lately. Smythe wanted more Badniks to make more designs, so he revealed Tails' location on a TV chat show, leading Doctor Robotnik to send Badnik Squadron-Z to attack the Eldorado Zone.

While Tails was fighting the Badniks, Smythe told him not to damage the "merchandise" too much, but this interruption only distracted Tails, allowing a Badnik to capture Smythe. Tails chased after him and destroyed the Badnik, causing Velvet Smythe to fall into a hedge. When he emerged, he looked a complete mess, with torn clothes and leaves in his hair. Tails assumed that this would be the end of Velvet Smythe's trendy status, only to find that Smythe's fans immediately started to copy his "retro-scruffy" style by ripping their clothes and messing up their hair.[1]


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