The Veg-O Machine, also called the Veg-O-Machine, is the third boss that appears in both versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. It is located in a room at the highest point of The Machine. It takes place to the highest point of The Machine. In the 8-bit version of the game, the Veg-O Machine is almost the same in appearance, but it is located at a separate pinball arena.

The Veg-O Machine is large robot-making machine created by Dr. Robotnik. It is a purple construct with a blue glass dome in the center and has a visible dome on top of it with Robotnik's face on the front. It is connected to two pipes in the upper corners, which send animals into the Veg-O Machine. Through its blue glass done, it shows animals being "robotized" (turned into power sources for robots) and sent out from the bottom hatch. When the player destroys the Veg-O Machine, it will trigger the destruction of the Veg-O-Fortress.


The player enters the Veg-O Machine's boss room through two high-speed warp tubes. During the battle with the Veg-O Machine, the machine will release Cluckbirds, Krondors and Busters from the bottom of its hatch that will flying in a linear pattern below it. When the player attempts to pass up the sides of the Veg-O Machine, the enemies released by the Veg-O Machine can block the player's route.

To defeat the Veg-O Machine, the player first has to destroy the pipes connected to it. To do this, the player has to launch Sonic into the spaces between the sides of the Veg-O Machine and the walls where Sonic can spin into the pipes at the top. Additionally, there are inside these spaces electric fences sticking out from the walls that the player can utilize to bounce back into the pipes immediately after hitting them. After hitting each pipe ten times, they will break off and free the animals and as well stop the Veg-O Machine from producing more Badniks. After that, the player has to launch Sonic into the bottom hatch of the Veg-O Machine, from where he will enter the Veg-O Machine and make it overheat by bouncing around inside it. After a number of inside-hits, the Veg-O Machine is destroyed and the player clears The Machine.

At the bottom of the boss room with the Veg-O Machine, below the flippers, there are three transport tubes. The one of the left sends the player back to the animal prison, the one in the center launches the player back to the boss room, and the third sends the player back to the right section of The Machine. Should the player activate the two targets on the side ceilings, an electric surge gets activated. Should the player then fall into the electrical surge, the surge can send Sonic to the center transport tube and back to the boss room.


  • In the 8-bit version of the game, each part of the boss rewards the player with a certain amount of points; hitting collision parts gives 5,000 points, each destroyed side tube gives 10,000 points and after clearing the whole boss the player receives 3,000,000 points.[1]


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Boss Spinball




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