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Vector (Sonic the Comic)

Vector from Sonic the Comic #85. Art by Richard Elson.

Vector the Crocodile is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the intelligent leader of the Chaotix Crew and a close friend to the Omni-Viewer.


He also has links to the top secret Equinox scientific laboratory, which is staffed entirely by crocodiles.[1] As with the other members of the group, he is a native of the Special Zone, specifically New Tek City on the Planet Meridian. He acts as the basic straight man of the group and takes out enemies with his powerful jaws.

He finds Charmy Bee's scatterbrained behaviour exasperating, leading Vector to constantly yell at him. (When Charmy mentioned this, Vector said that was "Ridiculous! I NEVER YELL AT YOU!")[2]

When forced to live through his worst nightmare by Lightmare's Box of Nightmares, Vector dreamed that he was falling.[2]


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