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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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When did you get a reality show?
When they paid me big time TV Do-Re-Mi!

Sonic the Hedgehog and Vector the Crocodile, "Vector Detector"

Vector the Crocodile is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic crocodile and a professional detective with his own crime investigation reality show on Seaside Island's television network.

Concept and creation

Vector's character in the Sonic Boom series drew some inspiration from Duane Chapman, a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter.[2] His dialogue was also made to sound like 1940s film noir dialogue in order to hit the "hard-boiled detective side" a little more.[3] Also, the headphones of his video game counterpart were also omitted from his final design as they did not truly fit in with his detective persona.[4]


Vector, from "Vector Detector".

Vector is a large, green-skinned crocodile with spiky red scales down his tail and goldenrod-colored eyes. Vector sports a thick body that resembles an S-shape, with his broad upper body getting slimmer towards his tail and legs. By contrast, his arms start out thin and thicken closer to the wrist. His belly, snout, and arms are light green, while the rest of his body is dark green.

For attire, Vector wears a black leather jacket that features very short sleeves, a large golden chain around his neck, white gloves, large dark gray and yellow wristbands, black armbands below the sleeves of his jacket, white sports tape around his ankles, and dark gray hi-tops that feature light gray/white accents. Also, on the upper portion of his left arm, below his shoulder, is a black tattoo of an eight-point compass rose.


TV series


At some point, Vector made it big and became the star of his own reality detective show directed by Dixon after being promised a big paycheck.[1]

Season two

Vector and Sonic staking out Justin Beaver, "Vector Detector".

Vector and his show were eventually hired by Amy Rose to find her missing hammer. To get in on the action, Sonic the Hedgehog made himself Vector's partner. After investigating a clue and recent occurrences, Vector assumed Justin Beaver was the thief. However, he and Sonic saw that Justin had an alibi when they intercepted him at his book club. Vector's crew later found another clue that ultimately made Vector deduce that Wolf Sidekick took the hammer for his TV show. He subsequently had Wolf arrested after finding the hammer in his props box at the Comedy Chimp Show studio. However, Vector soon wondered why Wolf would steal Amy's recognizable hammer for public work. He thus recruited Sonic's help, and together, they found out the real thief was Dixon, who sought to get revenge on Justin for ruining his old career only to try and pin the blame for the theft on Wolf when Justin proved he had an alibi. As such, Vector and Sonic had Dixon arrested on television.[1]

Vector later took part in the search for Dr. Eggman and his inter-dimensional doppelganger in order to prevent a dimensional paradox that would prove the end of the world.[5]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Vector became a playable character in version 2.6.0 of the game where he can be unlocked by the player. In this game, he possesses the following characteristics:

Icon Special Power Score Bonus Unlocking Requirement
Vector Projector Enemy Score: Multiplies the points received per enemy destroyed.


Easy-going, resourceful, and with a good head on his shoulders, Vector is very positive and confident in his abilities as both a detective and a TV star, always having a TV crew to back up his cases. He is very money-minded and shows a lot of showmanship. He also speaks in a street-wise manner, often referring to others with slang terms rather than their real names, and has a big mouth both literally and figuratively. Nonetheless, Vector's tough attitude is tempered by a strong sense of justice.[1]

Dedicated to solving his cases in proper fashion, Vector enjoys detective work and stands by the righteous ideals of a professional and honest detective. As such, he refuses to let a case go unless all loose ends are tied up, even if he has no obligations to do it or if it means going out solo without his TV crew to record his work for his show. He is also very insightful and often thinks outside the box to get clues or to narrow down suspects. However, these plans often do not work as planned, though he tends to not sweat the details. Also, when it comes down to the "good cop/bad cop" routine, he prefers to play the bad cop.[1]

Vector also has a slight ego, enough to clash with Sonic several times, but he knows when to play fair. He is also very calm, charismatic and smart. However, he does often cut to the chase and jumps to conclusions, although this is often due to a lack of evidence.[1]

Powers and abilities

Vector is a renowned detective with a knack for solving mysteries. Extremely observant and a surprisingly clear thinker in spite of his attitude, Vector possesses remarkably good instincts when it comes to making deductions. His skills are so profound that he can piece together various subtle hints and clues that let him reach accurate conclusions that others would have overlooked or dismissed; even when Dixon played Vector like a puppet by making him solve a crime he had staged, Vector was able to deduce Dixon's entire scheme after noticing easily-overlooked flaws in his plan.[1]

Detective abilities aside, Vector also possesses a voice powerful enough to destroy Badniks using only singing.


Vector possesses his own Enerbeam, an energy tether that can latch onto objects or form a makeshift whip/rope.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Vector arguing, from "Vector Detector".

Vector did not have the best relationship with Sonic the Hedgehog in the beginning, mainly due to their clashing egos. When Vector was called in to find Amy's Hammer after it got stolen, Sonic did not want to get outshined by Vector, prompting him to mooch in on Vector's investigation and attempt to outdo him. Sonic would likewise be the first to criticize Vector's more radical ideas and outlandish theories. While Vector was able to take Sonic's behavior in stride thanks to his confidence in his own deduction skills, he did have his limit for how much of Sonic's defiance he could take. Nonetheless, Vector has shown that he has a certain amount of respect for Sonic, as he asked him for help to solve an even bigger case. After that, the both of them had come to respect each other as equals in detective work, and Vector admitted they made a good team, which is high praise indeed from Vector.[1]


Vector became the star of his own detective reality show thanks to Dixon after being promised a big paycheck. But when Dixon played Vector like a puppet by making him solve a crime he had staged, Vector was able to deduce Dixon's entire scheme after noticing easily-overlooked flaws in his plan.




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