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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Man, I hope we're getting hazard pay for this...

— Vector the Crocodile, Sonic the Hedgehog #11

Vector the Crocodile is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic crocodile and the leader of the Chaotix, a trio of detectives.


Vector's (left) full profile, from Sonic the Hedgehog #6.

Vector is a large, green-skinned crocodile with spiky red scales down his tail and goldenrod-colored eyes. Vector sports a thick body that resembles an S-shape, with his broad upper body getting slimmer towards his tail and legs. By contrast, his arms start out thin and thicken closer to the wrist. His belly, snout and arms are light green, while the rest of his body is dark green.

For attire, Vector wears small, black shoulder pads, white gloves with black-and-orange cuffs, embellished with gold buckles as well as black shoes figured with white and orange colors. He also wears a gold chain around his neck, serving as his trademark accessory alongside his pair of black-and-gray wireless headphones, and the crocodile is rarely seen without one or the other. With the exception of his chain, Vector's complete attire is frequently shown to be made out of leather.



Vector struggling with a giant snake in the Mystic Jungle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

After Dr. Eggman went missing, Vector and the Chaotix Detective Agency were hired by the Resistance to track down the doctor so that they could bring him to justice.[3][2] After finding nothing in the ruins of Imperial City, the Chaotix found Cubot and Orbot and interrogated them, but they knew nothing about Eggman's whereabouts. With Eggman's computer telling nothing about an escape plan for Eggman either, the Chaotix investigated Eggman's other bases, only to encounter trouble. Along the way, Vector tangled with one of Mystic Jungle's giant snakes.[3]

After receiving an anonymous tip on the doctor's whereabouts, the Chaotix finally found Eggman in an idyllic village. However, it seemed like Eggman had amnesia, having lost all recollections of his evil deeds and ambitions, leading to him becoming a productive member of the village, now with the name of "Mr. Tinker". With the majority of them doubting Eggman's condition, the Chaotix spent the next couple of days interrogating and observing Eggman, only to conclude that his amnesia was legit. However, this presented the Chaotix with a new dilemma: whether or not it was right to penalize Eggman for his past crimes now that he was a good man.[3]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

The Chaotix eventually brought Sonic to the village to help them solve their problem. After Sonic got a look at the amnesiac doctor, Vector began talking with Sonic, Espio and the head of the village about what do with Eggman. During their talk however, a horde of Badniks approached the village. Suspecting the Badniks to be Eggman's rescue force, Vector and co. engaged the Badniks while Sonic confronted Eggman. Sonic soon after joined the Chaotix, though, and helped clear out the Badniks while informing them that the doctor was afraid of his own robots. With the group believing now that Eggman was indeed a changed man, Charmy would annoy Vector with how the crocodile had doubted Eggman's change of heart. Settling afterward on leaving Eggman to his new life, Vector got ready to depart with his friends when Shadow and Rouge showed up, the former seeking to eliminate Eggman after hearing him mention Eggman Land.[3]

Vector blames Rouge for bringing Shadow to Windmill Village, from Sonic the Hedgehog #6.

When Sonic and Shadow began fighting, Vector and his crew planned to help Sonic, only to see that they could not keep up with them. Due to this, they turned their attention to Rouge, whom Vector blamed for Shadow's arrival. However, Rouge revealed that she was on their side. As it turned out, Shadow was already looking for Eggman, and would have hurt the Chaotix if they got in his way. As such, she gave the Chaotix the anonymous tip that led them to Eggman so they would have time to verify Eggman's situation and bring in Sonic before she "helped" Shadow find Eggman. Afterward, Vector and his crew tried to stop Shadow from getting to Eggman, but failed. Fortunately, Shadow had been convinced by Sonic to talk to the amnesiac Eggman first. After Eggman showed Shadow that his "Eggman Land" was but an amusement park for children, Shadow and Rouge took their leave, although not before Rouge promised a grateful Vector that the Chaotix could keep the fee for finding Eggman.[4]

Battle For Angel Island

Eventually, Vector and his teammates were called to Resistance HQ. There, they and the Resistance's other allies were informed that the Resistance needed their help to liberate Angel Island, which had been conquered by Neo Metal Sonic and turned into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. Eventually, Vector was assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo.[5]

Vector having collapsed from exhaustion, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

On the way to Angel Island, Vector spent the time playing cards. Vector offered Knuckles the chance to join, but the echidna was too upset about his island to play. As soon as their ship approached Angel Island however, the Egg Fleet shot it down. Fortunately, Vector and his allies got off the ship before it crashed. Landing then on Angel Island, Vector was instructed to lead his team and "do [their] thing". Soon after, Vector was busy fighting the island's legion of Egg Pawns.[5] Eventually, Vector and his team began focusing on destroying the right wing unit that had been attached to Angel Island, but they were unable to make much progress until Tails hijacked an Egg Fleet battleship and began bombarding the wing unit with it. As the wing unit fell apart, Vector was kept from falling off the island by Tangle, who then carried him onboard the battleship Tails had secured.[6] Soon after on the bridge, Vector saw Master Overlord (a transformation Neo Metal Sonic had achieved with the Master Emerald) approach them. As the robot attacked the battleship, Vector joined his allies in a midair assault on Master Overlord, whom they forced closer to Angel Island (which was in freefall due to the absence of the Master Emerald) while Knuckles focused on removing the Master Emerald from Master Overlord's body. During the battle, Vector got shaken off Master Overlord, but was rescued by Silver with his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. With the battle over, Vector was brought down on Angel Island where he collapsed from exhaustion.[7]

As everyone got ready to leave Angel Island onboard a repaired Egg Fleet battleship, Vector and his team went to see Amy to collect their payment for their services, which included finding Dr. Eggman, uncovering the identity of the doctor's impersonator, and helping bring down Metal Sonic. Being unprepared for the request, Amy tried insisting that being part of the Resistance was its own reward.[2]

Crisis City

Vector fighting a Zombot, from Sonic the Hedgehog #17.

While Vector and his team were in their office in Seaside City, Vector received a call from Tails regarding recent events. As it turned out, Dr. Eggman had returned and had begun using a Metal Virus to change people into Zombots. In addition, Sonic had been infected with the Metal Virus and now had to run excessively to keep his disease in check. Just as Vector hoped that the Zombots would not reach their city, a Zombot entered the Chaotix's office. Vector thus ordered his team to make a tactical retreat from their building, hoping that they could hide in the city. However, a Zombot outbreak had already begun in the city. The Chaotix also noticed Eggman's Faceship in the distance, which was dumping the Metal Virus into the city. Snatching a road sign out of the road, Vector used it to knock a Zombot away, paving a way for his team. Wanting to help the civilians, Vector decided to lead the evacuation of the citizens to the docks and contacted Amy, whom he asked to send a Rescue Shuttle and support. Vector and his team then split up to gather up the uninfected civilians. While Vector pushed a car full of survivors down to the docks though, he got surrounded by Zombots. Fortunately, Sonic came and saved him. Vector then told his plan to Sonic, who ran off to help with the evacuation. Later, Vector was forced to trap an infected survivor in a cage made of cars. Charmy did not like what Vector did, but he had no choice. As the Chaotix led the survivors down to the docks, they kept the Zombots at bay while the survivors got onboard the Rescue Shuttle. However, Charmy soon flew off to save the civilian Vector trapped. Vector wanted to stop him, but Charmy did not listen to him. Vector tried to follow Charmy, but Espio stopped him and had him listen to reason. Vector, Espio and the survivors then took off in the Rescue Shuttle and entrusted Sonic to find Charmy.[8]

After Vector and Espio reached Restoration HQ, they began regular shifts to find survivors and supplies while also looking for Charmy. Just as the duo were beginning another shift, they met up with Sonic who was not able to find their partner.[9]

Flock Together

On the way back from a mission for refugees in Pine Grove Village, Vector grew increasingly frustrated about their lack of success in tracking down Charmy, imagining his friend to be scared and lonely fending for himself. As Espio tried to calm him down, their rescue shuttle came under attack by a large migration of Flickies that had turned into Zombots. Among them, Vector spotted a fully-infected Charmy and before Espio could stop him, he immediately headed through the exit armed with a shield and a Containment Bubble. Outside, Vector apologized to his friend for abandoning him and promised they would return him to normal, but failed to capture the bee due to his swift movements. As five incoming Flickies surprised Vector from behind, a smoke bomb from Espio saved him at the last second, and the crocodile understood he was acting too recklessly. Upon seeing the birds stunned and separated under the temporary effect, however, Vector quickly formed a plan: borrowing another smoke bomb from his partner, he headed straight into the middle of the flock listening for Charmy's buzzing sound, blinding them as it became at its loudest. Moments later, Vector re-emerged from the smoke with Charmy safely encased, and joked in relief how the Chaotix managed to find each other even in the apocalypse.[10]

The Last Minute

After returning to Restoration HQ, Vector was immediately confronted by Gemerl, who was demanding for the Zombot to be left out of the building. Unwilling to abandon Charmy a second time, Vector refused and promised to look after him, but Gemerl persisted. Before their fight could escalate further, Cream managed to separate the two from each other and helped persuade the robot of Vector's plan; they would store Charmy in Tails' lab with Omega until Tails returned with the cure to the virus so they could have immediate access and return the bee to normal.[11]

Vector's sacrifice, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Moments later, a villager (who had hidden his infection using a blanket) turned into a Zombot and caused panic to break out among the survivors. As everyone tried to flee the building, Vector demanded them to remain calm and to allow him to pass, but to no avail. Despite trying his best to keep the Containment Bubble out of harm's way, the tumult caused it to crack and unleash the Zombot Charmy in full force. While Amy authorized an evacuation, Vector retreated to launch bay and stood guard while holding the automatic gate open, allowing Gemerl to scan for possible survivors and the infected coming through. As they were about to seal the door however, Charmy managed to slip through and flew past both of them, aiming for the last remaining Rescue Shuttle. Upon realizing what had happened, Vector immediately leapt at his friend and forced him to the ground, getting infected himself in the process. Knowing that he was lost to the virus, a determined Vector grabbed Charmy and forced his way through incoming Zombots, pushing them back into the base. As Espio and Amy watched on in horror, Vector requested Gemerl to close the door behind him. Turning around to his friends, the crocodile smilingly declared Espio the new lead detective before disappearing behind the gates.[11]

All or Nothing

After the Deadly Six had taken over Eggman's plans, Zavok used his powers to lead a large horde of Zombots to Angel Island, which included Vector. After the Faceship was effectively destroyed by Rouge, Zavok became Giant Zavok to attack the survivors on Angel Island. From this, he grabbed a handful of Zombots, including Vector, and threw them onto the island's surface to face the survivors there. He and Charmy attacked Espio with all their might but could not catch him. Eventually, with the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Silver, they were able to warp the entirety of the Metal Virus away from the world and to the sun. This act turned Vector back to normal, leaving him to joyfully sing with Espio and Charmy.[12][13][14]

Out of the Blue

Shortly after reuniting, Silver used his psychokinesis to carry the Chaotix down to the surface to fight Zavok after he began his attack on civilians. Vector tried locking the Zeti with his arms, only for him to forcefully break free of his hold and throw him back. Soon enough, Silver used his psychokinesis to keep Zavok in place while Vector and the others stood around him on guard. Later on, when Metal Sonic critically injured Gemerl in order to retrieve Orbot and Cubot, Charmy attempted to fly after the robot. Vector immediately held him back, not wanting a repeat of previous events, and instead called for Silver to grab him. Since Silver could not let Zavok go, Shadow chased after Metal instead.[15]

Vector parties with his friends, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time later, the Chaotix became swamped with work on missing persons cases. Vector in particular was handling many incoming calls. Soon, Cream, Vanilla, Cheese, Chocola and Gemerl came by to gift the trio with treats for their hard work. Vanilla called a bashful Vector selfless for their work and asked that he call her "Vanilla". Despite the kind gestures, the Chaotix had no time for it as they did not even have time to properly work. Vanilla took it upon herself to take over for the detectives; she planned to handle calls with Cream and update the trio as Gemerl processed information of the missing people. Realizing they could go do their thing, the Chaotix set off to find the missing people. Later on, Vector and the Chaotix were invited by Tangle to a party in Spiral Hill Village. Though Vector enjoyed his time dancing with Amy for a while, the party was soon crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha that implemented Omega as a core with the intent of destroying everyone.[16] Taking command of the attack on Eggman's mecha, Vector asked Tails to use his Miles Electric to mess with the mecha's software, while telling his flying friends to target the mecha's cockpit and the rest to go for the legs. Vector involved himself in the attack as well until the arrival of Sonic, which ultimately resulted in Eggman's defeat. After Eggman had departed, Vector was embraced by a group hug arranged by Tangle.[17]

Zeti Hunt

Vector, Charmy and Espio later visited the new Restoration HQ, where Jewel asked them for help stopping some horned monsters that the trio recognized as the Deadly Six. After looking through the facts, Vector deduced that the Deadly Six would attack Sunset City next, prompting the Chaotix to head there.[18] After arriving in Sunset City, Vector and the Chaotix would await the Deadly Six while discussing their plans for dealing with them via video communication with Sonic, Tails and Jewel. However, when the Deadly Six instead attacked Restoration HQ, Vector and the Chaotix realized they had been tricked. As such, they hurried to the rescue.[19] Unfortunately, Vector and his team got stuck in a traffic jam with the Beat Monster while trying to get to Restoration HQ. When Jewel called the Chaotix to tell them to hurry, Vector would respond that they were on their way, albeit slowly.[20]

With Belle the Tinkerer having been kidnapped by Dr. Starline in the meantime, Vector and co. managed to track down Belle to the hideout where Starline was keeping her prisoner. There, Espio quietly tried to free Belle while invisible, but Belle mistook Espio for a ghost and panicked, which got Starline's attention. Vector and Charmy were thus forced to confront Starline directly. However, Starline had already sent the data he had gathered from Belle to his personal data cloud. Vector subsequently tried and failed to catch Starline, who escaped him and the Chaotix using his Tricore. Vector later tried to comfort a heartbroken Belle, reassuring her that she was not alone and that her friends were waiting for her.[21]

Trial by Fire and Hit the Pavement

Back in the Chaotix's office, Vector would read an article in a newspaper about a strange attack on Central City.[22]

Vector coming to Espio's aid, from Sonic the Hedgehog #48.

Vector and Espio later visited the K-TBR 199.2 radio station in Sunset City to pick up Charmy after they had returned his overdue books to the library. There, they received information from Nite about strange incidents in Central City. Despite initial doubts, Vector and his team decided to investigate the matter. Arriving in the midst of the chaos, a civilian advised them to check out the sewers, which the Chaotix did. Within one of the sewer corridors, Vector and his team found an unknown person carrying a crate. Though they failed to catch this person, they did obtain a clue that led them to Central City's docks. Finding a boarded-up warehouse, Espio was sent inside it on reconnaissance, but when Vector heard gunshots, he broke down the warehouse doors with his Vector Breath. Vector proceeded to fight Rough and Tumble, but their fight was cut short when Espio captured Clutch the Opossum, the ringleader of the entire operation. His following conversation with Vector revealed that Clutch was collecting robot parts and weapons to sell and rebuild his criminal empire. Hearing this, Vector eliminated Clutch's entire collection by smashing the floor of the warehouse, leaving all of Clutch's goods to fall into the sea. However, the Chaotix failed to catch Clutch and his cohorts, who escaped using Espio's smoke bombs. Seeing that their trail had gone cold, Vector noted that they should wait for further developments.[23]


An upbeat, laid-back and good-natured crocodile, Vector is an accomplished and firm detective who takes his profession very seriously, his agency's policy being to never leave a case half-done. He is also one of high moral standards, as he questioned whether it would be ethical or not to penalize Dr. Eggman after the doctor had seemingly lost his memories about his evil deeds and turned over a new leaf.[3]

Though he may not seem like it, Vector is the brains of the Chaotix Detective Agency and its most astute detective. However, he sometimes he needs a voice of reason from other people around him. Despite being the head honcho though, it does not stop him from being more indulgent as he treats his colleagues as equal to himself and refuses to leave them behind. He can be very sensitive when it comes to his colleagues though, as he easily loses his patience when they question his decisions. Also, when a Chaotix member is threatened, Vector is willing to do whatever it takes to save them, even if it goes against rational thinking.[10] Despite his flaws though, Vector is a true charismatic leader whose leadership skills can also be applied outside of the Chaotix, like when coordinating larger groups. He also speaks in a sharp tone, sparing no details.

While very heroic and more than willing to help out his friends and allies, Vector also has ambitions about getting rich and counts on getting "hazard pay" for his and his colleagues' heroic efforts and allowances for the harsh working conditions Chaotix often find themselves in.[7]

Vector is shown to have a short temper and aggressive manners that surface whenever he feels insulted or peeved, namely when Charmy annoys him or when work does not go as planned.[3] When his emotions get the better of him, Vector can act rashly and engage in a situation without thinking if not reasoned with.[8][11][10] Deep down though, Vector is kind and polite despite looking quite scary.[17]

Powers and abilities

Vector is in possession of extraordinary strength, being able to lift entire cars with ease, keep a giant snake's mouth open using brute force, smash an entire floor with one blow, and fold thick metal sheets like paper.[3][6][8][23] He likewise possesses incredible jaw strength, enough to easily chew through metal.[5] He also possesses a sonic scream powerful enough to blown down barricaded doors.[23] In addition, he is a hand-to-hand combatant who knows how to use both his fists and tail to fend off opponents in a fight.[23]

Befitting of his job as a detective, Vector has a keen intellect. As the Chaotix Detective Agency's top detective, he is extremely penetrating and able to unravel almost any mystery. Even when provided with the smallest clues left behind by the suspects, he is able to deduce vital information and get close to solving a case while discovering the mastermind behind it.[18][23]


Vector wears wireless headphones that he can use to make calls.[8]


Due to Vector's temper, his emotions can get the better of him, leading him to act on emotion without proper planning. This has made him encounter several close calls with danger.[8][10][11]


Espio the Chameleon

Espio states that he has Vector's back after giving him a smoke bomb, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2020.

Vector trusts Espio the Chameleon as an equal and effective coworker of the Chaotix and knows he can depend on him to get the job done. When Vector gets agitated and acts upon his emotions without thinking, Espio is usually there to calm him down or reason with him. Despite Vector's rashness, he is still level-headed enough to create effective strategies which Espio follows through on because he trusts him as a leader. The pair have come to see each other not only as partners but as great friends. For example, Vector sacrificed himself with a smile on his face in order to stay behind with the Zombots in Restoration HQ so Espio could escape, during which he appointed him as the new lead detective of the Chaotix, while Espio could only look on in silence, tearing up over his friend.[3][4][8][11][10]

Charmy Bee

Despite Charmy Bee's young age and impetuousness, Vector trusts him as a member of the Chaotix. The young bee has been known to be slightly airheaded and act more brash than him in a situation several times, which has caused Vector to scold, correct and/or guide him to do better. Charmy enjoys making fun of and annoying Vector at every chance he gets by challenging Vector's authority, something that the latter does not particularly likes and chases him about for. Sometimes Charmy does not understand Vector's decisions either and will openly oppose him if he does not like them. Vector even once said that the young detective was a "pain in his tail". Even with all this, Vector cares for Charmy a lot and values him as a true friend. He was notably torn up when he had lost Charmy in Seaside City and could not prevent him from becoming a Zombot and, feeling a strong responsibility for the bee, would not rest until he was able to track him down and save him, even though he had become a dangerous Zombot. This would prompt him to stop thinking rationally and leaving Espio to reason with him. [3][4][8][11][10]

Sonic the Hedgehog

To Vector, Sonic the Hedgehog is a great and valuable ally. He has been known to trust his judgement when in difficult situations, such as when they discussed what they should do with Dr. Eggman when he lost his memories. Vector and Sonic usually remain on friendly terms, though Vector has commented on Sonic's habit of making dramatic entrances. Sonic, in turn, tends to poke fun at Vector's greed for money.[3][4][8][9]

Vanilla the Rabbit

Vector is polite and a bit shy towards Vanilla the Rabbit. After the Zombot apocalypse was over, Vanilla offered to help him by running the Chaotix Detective Agency's office so that Vector and his colleagues could do their job and look for missing people.[16]




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