Vector Breath (ベクターブレス Bekutāburesu?) is a Power Formation maneuver and the Wide Power Attack used by Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. When using this technique, Vector the Crocodile releases his powerful breath in all directions to damage his opponents with effects depending on Vector's level.


When performing Vector Breath, Vector falls down on his tail and balances on it slightly above the ground. Vector then puts his head down, facing forward, and does a 360-degree turn on his tail while using a powerful mouth breath that damages anything caught within its radius.

By collecting red Power Cores during gameplay, the player can increase the power, nature, and radius of the Vector Breath. The levels of power are as follows:

  • Level 1: Vector spins around on his tail while using his booming voice to create a concentrated, directed burst of soundwaves from his mouth. This move takes the shape of a stream of several musical notes being released.
  • Level 2: Vector spins around on his tail while spewing out fire from his mouth. Attack radius is slightly increased and the resulting damage dealt is about doubled.
  • Level 3: Vector spins around on his tail while blowing and spewing out several pink bubblegum bubbles into the air, which create small explosions upon contact with the enemy or after a few seconds. Attack radius and damage is at maximum.

To perform this technique in gameplay, the player must have Team Chaotix in Power Formation and must have finished performing the Fireball. Immediately after finishing using the Fireball, the player then has to press XboxX/PSSquareButton/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO to use the Vector Breath.


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