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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Vanilla the Rabbit (ヴァニラ・ザ・ラビット Vanira za Rabitto?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the mother of Cream the Rabbit. For a time, she was separated from her daughter, but was eventually reunited with her after being sent to Earth. Eventually, Vanilla returned to her world with her friends and family where she continued her usual lifestyle.


Vanilla is a tall, cream-colored anthropomorphic rabbit with a white muzzle that possesses a small brown nose. She has brown eyes and a tuft of princeton orange hair on her forehead. She has brown eyelids and princeton orange markings around her eyes and on the ends of her lopped ears. For attire, Vanilla wears a long lavender dress with a white trim at the bottom of the puffy sleeves and the skirt, a burgundy-fitted vest with golden buttons, a blue ascot (orange in the comics), white gloves with gold cufflinks, and burgundy low-heeled shoes with a yellow detail and gray soles.



New World Saga

One night, Vanilla was separated from her daughter when Cream was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman and transported to Earth by Chaos Control.[2]

Egg Moon Saga

Vanilla having a tearful reunion with her daughter.

Vanilla was eventually transported to Earth herself by a Chaos Control event caused by Super Sonic and Super Shadow when they stopped Space Colony ARK from crashing into the planet. Having hired the Chaotix Detective Agency to help her find Cream, Vanilla herself eventually came across Sonic the Hedgehog on this new world, talking with Doctor Eggman, who took her to her daughter at the Thorndyke Mansion, where Vector the Crocodile and Charmy were trying to take Cream with them by force. Cream was overjoyed to reunite with her mother and the two embraced in a nice warm hug. Vanilla subsequently thanked Vector for finding her daughter and Sonic for watching over Cream all this time.[3] After that, Vanilla moved into the Thorndyke Mansion and cooked with Cream and Ella, as well as constantly looking out for Sonic and the others.

Some time later, Vanilla joined Cream and the others on the Thorndyke yacht as they prepared to celebrate the New Year by observing the sunrise. There, she assured her concerned daughter that her fears about the sun not showing itself were misplaced. However, when the sunrise got ruined by the Egg Moon, which caused a solar eclipse, Vanilla returned to the Thorndyke Mansion with the others. Dr. Eggman, the creator of the Egg Moon, claimed the Egg Moon was malfunctioning and began selling Sunshine Balls, which provided artificial light, to the world while he worked on the Egg Moon. However, Sonic soon began destroying the Mirror Towers powering the Sunshine Balls. When Vanilla was with the others in the Thorndyke Mansions, she and the others got cornered by angry mobs who had lost their light sources because of Sonic.[4] Amy tried to help Vanilla and co. escape by breaking a wall down, but they were soon confronted by the mob. Fortunately, the Speed Team arrived and forced the mob to leave. In the end, thanks to Sonic, it was revealed that Eggman was deliberately causing the eclipse for a plot to gain world domination. Soon after, everything was returned to normal while Eggman and his lackeys got thrown in jail.[5]

Emerl Saga

Vanilla sees Nelson and Lindsey arrive at the mansion.

One day, Vanilla was having tea with her friends at the Thorndyke Mansion while Chris was in bed with a cold. While there, she saw Chris' parents, Nelson and Lindsey, arrive to check up on Chris. She soon after bore witness to an argument between the Thorndykes over Lindsey and Nelson's irresponsible behavior. This argument was (partially) defused when Vanilla and the others agreed to make a pie for Chris together. While in the kitchen however, Vanilla and the group got attacked by the mansion's machines, which had been brought to life by one of Eggman's inventions. While Vanilla was kept safe by Sonic and co., the appliances were destroyed when the mansion's sprinklers went off and short-circuited them. Vanilla remained afterward in the mansion while the others stopped the appliances running amok across Station Square.[6]

Vanilla would some time after spent some time with Cream and Emerl, a nice and polite robot that Cream had found and befriended. Later on, Vanilla came to the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament to cheer on Emerl, who was competing, from the audience.[7] Eventually, Emerl won the tournament. However, upon receiving the grand prize―a Chaos Emerald―Emerl went berserk after reacting the Emerald's power and began attacking everything. During the chaos, Vanilla was nearly attacked by Emerl, but Sonic saved her. Vanilla stood afterward on the sidelines and comforted Cream while their friends tried to stop Emerl. Eventually though, Emerl was destroyed by Cream and Cheese.[8]

Homebound Saga

After the Emerl incident, Vanilla and Cream attended the farewell ceremony that was being held when Sonic and their friends set off on a mission to find the lost continent of Murasia.[9] Some time afterward, it was revealed that time would come to a standstill if everything from Sonic's world was not returned to its home dimension.[10] A portal was thus created which could return Vanilla and her friends to their own world as part of Project Homebound. On the day of departure, Vanilla, Cream and Cheese met up with their human friends at the site of the portal and bid them a fond goodbye before returning to their world through the portal.[11]

Vanilla asking Amy about her decision regarding her offer.

Back home, Vanilla returned to her cottage with her family. Sonic, however, never came back to their world with them. After some time had passed, Amy, whom Vanilla had offered to come live with her and Cream, visited Vanilla for tea one night. There, Amy kindly turned down Vanilla's offer in favor of waiting for Sonic's return, only to be rudely interrupted by Eggman in his Grand Egg Imperial, trying to call Sonic out by causing as much unrest as he could. When he and his lackeys insult and enrage Amy, Vanilla had herself, Cream, and Cheese lock themselves in their house for protection to avoid Amy's wrath. Soon after, Sonic arrived and defeated Eggman.[12]

Metarex Saga

Vanilla presenting Chris with some new clothes.

Approximately six months later, Vanilla took in an unconscious girl named Cosmo, whom Tails, Amy and Cream had found, into her home. When Cosmo woke up, the weary girl was reluctant to answer their questions: all she wanted to say was that she was looking for Sonic. Shortly after, Vanilla's friends and Cosmo left her to stop the Metarex Carrer from stealing the Planet Egg of Vanilla's planet, but failed to stop the theft.[13] Soon after, Chris, who had just arrived on Sonic's world, came to Vanilla's house. After putting an unconscious Sonic to bed, Vanilla made some new clothes for Chris (who had regressed from a 18-year-old to a 12-year-old during his transfer to Sonic's world) which were fashioned after his old clothes. Later on, Cream asked Vanilla if it was okay if she went into space with her friends to stop the Metarex. Knowing what was happening, Vanilla approved of it.[14]

Eventually, Vanilla asked Vector and the Chaotix to deliver Chris' things (that Chris' family sent from Station Square) to the Blue Typhoon in space and to check up on Cream and Cheese. Not long after, Vanilla received a photo of a happy Cream from the Chaotix.[15] Vanilla soon after experienced the Metarex's forestation project firsthand when she and the inhabitants of her world began being drained of their life force while their planet's flora began growing out of control.[16] Fortunately, Sonic and co. managed to stop the Metarex and their plan, though at the cost of Cosmo's life.[17][18]

After Sonic and co. returned home, Vanilla paid the Chaotix a visit, having brought them some home-baked goodies as thanks for all their help. After seeing to the Chaotix's picnic, Vanilla went for a walk with Vector, during which she talked about how Sonic's friends were doing after their long adventure.[19]

Archie Comics


Vanilla is a calm and composed woman, never raising her voice. Like her daughter, she is nice and kind to others, and always ready to help those in need.[12][13] Apparently possessing a strong faith in Cream and her friends, Vanilla is not bother in the least by how Cream goes out on dangerous adventures with Sonic all the time.[14]

Powers and abilities

Unlike many of Sonic the Hedgehog's friends, Vanilla possesses no special abilities. However, she does have a few practical homemaking skills: she is good at baking cakes and has excellent sewing skills, having managed to make an exact copy of Chris's set of clothes from when he was twelve years old.[14][19]


Cream the Rabbit

Vanilla loves her daughter Cream the Rabbit very much, and has raised her like a princess, passing many of her good manners onto her. She is also very forgiving of her.

Vector the Crocodile




  • In the games, Vanilla's ascot was orange, but in Sonic X, it was blue.
  • Vanilla was never called by her name in the anime; instead, she was always referred to as "Cream's Mom/Mother" or "Madam".
  • In both English and Japanese versions of the Sonic X anime, Vanilla shares Cream's voice actress.
  • So far, Vanilla has never had a voice acted speaking role in any of the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, making Sonic X the only time she has had voice acting.


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