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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Please be careful, dear. You know how dangerous these adventures can be!

— Vanilla the Rabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog #33

Vanilla the Rabbit is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the mother of Cream the Rabbit. She lives in Floral Forest Village with her daughter, her Chao friends Cheese and Chocola, and Gemerl.[2]


Vanilla is a tall, cream-colored anthropomorphic rabbit with a white muzzle that possesses a small brown nose. She has brown eyes and a tuft of princeton orange hair on her forehead. She has brown eyelids and princeton orange markings around her eyes and on the ends of her lopped ears. For attire, Vanilla wears a long lavender dress with a white trim at the bottom of the puffy sleeves and the skirt, a burgundy-fitted vest with golden buttons, a blue ascot, white gloves with gold cufflinks, and burgundy low-heeled shoes with a yellow detail and gray soles.



Living in Floral Forest Village with Cream, Cheese and Chocola, Vanilla occasionally allowed her daughter to go on adventures with Sonic.[2]

Sometime in the past, Miles "Tails" Prower reprogrammed the robot Gemerl after he was turned into a violent robot by Dr. Eggman. Following this, Gemerl went on to live with Vanilla and her family in Floral Forest Village.[2]

Crisis City

Vanilla watching Cheese get infected before trying escape with Cream, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Vanilla and her family later got involved in a new threat when Floral Forest Village was invaded by Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Faceship. With it, Dr. Eggman poured a large batch of the Metal Virus into the village, creating several Zombots. Barricading her family inside their house with the aid of Chocola, Vanilla told Cream to stay inside during this attack but the young rabbit wished to aid the villagers as she had Cheese by her side, just as Vanilla had Chocola. Regardless, Vanilla still did not grant Cream permission to leave, so Gemerl was tasked with aiding the village instead. Eventually, Cream ran outside, with Vanilla unable to stop her. By the time Cream returned though, Vanilla, Cheese, and Chocola were surrounded by Zombots inside their house. Cheese and Chocola soon after became Zombots themselves after they attacked the leading Zombot. Vanilla then took Cream and tried to escape with her, only for another Zombot to cut them off. Fortunately, Sonic arrived and helped the duo evacuate their house. Cream then flew Vanilla to the north glade of the village where a Rescue Shuttle awaited them.[2]

At Restoration HQ, Vanilla let Cream stay up later than usual one day to help around.[3]

The Last Minute

Vanilla getting infected by a horde of Zombots, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Following Vector and Espio's mission for survivors in Pine Grove Village, one of the refugees from the village was revealed to be infected by the Metal Virus and subsequently turned into a Zombot. This caused mass panic among the rest of the refugees, which led to them getting infected by both the infected refugee and Charmy Bee. Vanilla herself was cornered by several Zombots. When Amy came by, Vanilla requested that she take Cream away from the HQ and keep her safe. Amy quickly complied, much to the protest of Cream, and left Vanilla at the mercy of the other Zombots.[1]

All or Nothing

After the Deadly Six had taken over Eggman's plans, Zavok used his powers to lead a large horde of Zombots to Angel Island, which included Vanilla. After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the Zombots were no more and were cured. As Vanilla was back to normal, she was supported up by Elder Scruffy. From behind, Vanilla heard Cream call out to her, who had just arrived with Gemerl. She happily hugged her daughter with tears of joy.[4][5][6]

Out of the Blue

Vanilla asks Gemerl to help the Chaotix, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

While Vanilla hugged her daughter, Cream pointed out that Sonic had not returned to Angel Island. Vanilla believed that since there was a very bright flash, they might have missed him. Regardless, Vanilla tried asking Gemerl to go search for Sonic despite his busy day. The robot instead had his guard up, which confused the rabbit. Cream soon saw that Zavok was charging at them and jumped in front of her mother to protect her. Zavok refused to leave defeated and stated that he will tear the world asunder with his own bare hands. Vanilla held her daughter close as Cream called on Cheese to help fight Zavok. Soon, the Zeti was restrained by Silver. Some time later, Vanilla visited the Chaotix Detective Agency with Cream, Vanilla, Chocola and Gemerl to gift the Chaotix with treats for their hard work. She complimented the trio on their selflessness at the height of the plague and requested that Vector call her "Vanilla" instead of "ma'am". So as to relieve the Chaotix of their more strenuous tasks, Vanilla tasked Gemerl with scanning the data of their paperwork and creating a database of all missing people, Cheese and Chocola with putting files away and Cream to help her handle incoming calls. She told them that she will update them as Gemerl processes information, allowing the Chaotix to do their thing and go out to find the missing people. As they left, Vanilla waved them goodbye.[7][8]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Back home, Vanilla received a call from Amy who asked her if she could take Cream with her to White Park Zone. Vanilla was not sure at first, but she was convinced when Amy informed her that they needed her help to rebuild Omega. She also mentioned that Gemerl could use some repairs after his last fight. Vanilla thus agreed to let Cream go, on the condition that Amy and Gemerl would watch over her. She also instructed Cream to put on her winter clothes for the trip.[9] Vanilla later came by Tails' Workshop to pick up Cream and Gemerl. It was there that she found out about her daughter's dangerous adventure. Amy tried to explain herself by blaming Rouge, but she had managed to slip away in time.[10]


Vanilla is a calm, gentle, well-mannered, and pacifistic person. She is very polite in all that she does and is very caring towards both friends and strangers alike, especially to her daughter, Cream. Her care for her daughter makes her a very cautious and protective person; in spite of all the adventures her daughter has been on, Vanilla is not willing to let Cream endanger herself on her watch or without the supervision of Sonic and his friends. Still, she can be trusting and understanding, and has been known to make decisions she feels will benefit others.[2]


Cream the Rabbit

Vanilla is happily reunited with Cream, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29..

Cream is Vanilla's daughter and she loves her unconditionally. Vanilla is very caring for Cream and always puts her safety before her own. Though Vanilla has been known to be protective of Cream, she has allowed her to go on adventures with Sonic and his friends before, but only under their supervision.[2][1][9] Cream similarly greatly respects his mother and does not want to disobey her.

Vanilla cares dearly for Cream, ensuring that she is well-mannered, dressed and nourished. She is even ready to sacrifice herself for her sake, showing that she puts her daughter's welfare above her own life; during the Metal Virus plague, when Vanilla was surrounded by Zombots, her on concern were Cream's safety and would thank Amy for saving Cream.[1]


Vanilla is very kind toward Vector and the rest of the Chaotix Detective Agency. After the Metal Virus plague, she and her family brought them refreshments and offered to help them run their office so that the Chaotix could get to the practical part of their work. Vector in particular seems to get flushed when in Vanilla's company as well.[8]




  • Vanilla, Cream, and Cheese are all names that involve some sort of dairy product.

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