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Vacuu-Fan 2000 is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a shoddily-made robot created by Knuckles the Echidna for the Robot Battle Royale tournament.


Vacuu-Fan 2000 is made of incoherent parts held together by grey duct tape. It has a brown trunk for a body with two golden lenses for eyes and a serrated cut-out for a mouth. Its lower body consisted of a yellow three-wheeled bucket and has vacuum tubes and nozzles for arms. On its back it has a white four-bladed propeller for propulsion, powered by a law mower engine on its head. After being rebuilt, its was given small stubby feet instead.


TV series

Season one

Knuckles with Vacuu-Fan 2000.

Challenging Tails to the Robot Battle Royale, Knuckles built Vacuu-Fan 2000 to compete in the tournament with, but it lost in its first round. When Dr. Eggman stole Tails' Hypnobot though, Vacuu-Fan 2000 was rebuilt to hold Tails inside and was used by the fox to get close enough to take Hypnobot back, as Vacuu-Fan 2000 had no A.I. for Hypnobot to take control of.[1]

Powers and abilities

Being so shoddily made, Vacuu-Fan 2000 has no special abilities, lacks robot A.I., and is extremely fragile. However, its base design also meant it was immune to Hypnobot's A.I. controlling abilities.[1]


Due to its simple design, Vacuu-Fan 2000 has no combat capabilities. It is also very fragile, and cannot even move under its own power.[1]


  • Vacuu-Fan 2000 was named after Knuckles' preference for adding the number 2000 at the end of the names for his inventions.


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