• ZeoSpark

    "Don't Judge Me" Review

    March 16, 2015 by ZeoSpark

    Hello. This is another review blog I am doing and, with this spare time, decided to use it on writing this latest blog on the most recent episode: Don't Judge Me. Let me say that this episode was very funny and a lot of the minor/background characters were given major roles in this episode. Gotta love Comedy Chimp!

    We start off the episode with a nice, peaceful night on Bygone Island...until a giant moth attacks! Run away! Oh, it's just Eggman's latest invention: The Mothbot. Nevermind. Sonic suddenly appears on the scene!

    That Mothbot isn't a match for my Swat-a-pult!

    Woah, did he say his Swat-a-pult? Didn't know Sonic was the inventing type! Sonic then calls for Knuckles who is carrying a rather large light bulb.

    Hey, look at me! I'm having a…

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  • ZeoSpark

    "Guilt Tripping" Review

    January 18, 2015 by ZeoSpark

    Okay, so this is my second review on an episode, and whoo boy, this won't be pretty. This is the first time I'm reviewing an episode I didn't like so expect a lot of bashing of this episode. So much bashing, I may need to borrow Amy's Piko Piko Hammer! Too bad she wasn't in this episode and note the Eggman image I'm using. Spoiler alert: He was the only good thing from this episode.

    So, we begin this episode with Sonic and Tails having a little race in the jungle. Nothing too bad and it sorta alludes to the first episode a bit.

    You may be faster on foot but I invented these things!

    Er...that doesn't really mean something Tails. You and Sonic both are riding the same hoverboard so I can assume that you mean you handle it better than Sonic or y…

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  • ZeoSpark

    "Eggheads" Review

    December 15, 2014 by ZeoSpark

    Hello. This is one of my blogs that I will be reviewing Sonic Boom episodes starting with, ironically, the last episode of season 1: Eggheads. This episode was pretty good overall and Eggman's plan was good. Though, there was some things that could be done that could've made his plan more effective.

    So, the episode starts off with a Frankenstein reference and I thought Eggman was creating a clone of himself or something. But...

    All that for cookies?

    One of few things I agree with Orbot. Eggman explains that they are evil cookies and it's part of his next plan. Take note that Eggman baked six cookies but when he placed them in a basket on Sonic's porch, there are only four of them. What happened to the other two? Did Orbot and Cubot ate them or …

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