• Willaca

    Why? Because I'm not really a fan of Sonic anymore, it's actually getting quit boring now. Nothing new or new characters. It's usually it's all the same stuff in Sonic and it's really boring now. I haven't touch any Sonic game of mine for months. And how will this affect my time on the PC? Well, why learn about something you're not into anymore ya'know? That's like saying I should learn Science for the rest of my life. XP And well, since I'm not into Sonic as much as I have been in the past I'm not that much into this Wiki either no offense or anything but that's what happends when you're not into stuff as much as you have been and joined a site/Wiki about it. You start to get bored with that site and have nothing to do. No offense or anyt…

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  • Willaca

    Hey guy's. I have to leave Wiki for 3 Weeks due to personal. Aah who cares about that frap. I'll just tell you. Well, I have been on the computer WAY to much lately and I have been getting rarely enough sleep. So I have decided to leave Wiki for 3 weeks due to Wiki being the site I mostly use. Also, ever since school started iv'e been having some, problemes.... As in friend relationship problemes. Which has been getting me stressed lately and I don't wanna take my anger out on you guys by accident or purpose (if that makes sence). After this blog post I'll be on Wiki for 3 more day's (to check incase someone messaged me or something). Then I'll be off. Laterz SNN (for the mean time). Also I'll be on Skype and Facebook still if you wish to …

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  • Willaca

    oh yeah!

    April 15, 2012 by Willaca

    Yesterday was my Bday, and I got SFR (sonic free riders) and $55. Today I spent that $55 at gametraders and I got a Sonic The Hedgehog picture with frame and an Assassins Creed Revelations picture with frame and well it was really worth it.

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  • Willaca

    Favourite sonic band

    April 7, 2012 by Willaca

    There are several bands that have produced music for the Sonic the Hedgehog series (especially crush 40) but there have been other people that have made music for sonic games (like cash cash) so I was wondering which band?

    good reason - they composed the most popular song in the sonic series

    bad reason - Some of there songs can somtimes be to loud and you cant understand the lyrics like iam...all of me for example

    good reason - They composed reach for the stars which was the theme song for A really popular modern sonic game

    Bad reason - They have only made 2 songs that was there own (not counting remixs)

    Good reason - He has made several songs that involve shadow and its perfect for that time(like for true story)

    Bad reason - Sometimes you cant …

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  • Willaca

    Cutest sonic character

    April 1, 2012 by Willaca

    Hey guys, (I just realised I always start my blog post like that) this blog post is like one of my previous blog post but instead of maturity im going with cuteness. Now to make the think HARDER dun dun duh you have to think (horrible isnt it?). Which character do you think is cutest besides

    • cream
    • Cheese and other chao
    • Amy
    • Cosmo (Well If you think shes cute)

    Now let the thinking and typing begin!

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