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Could it be?

No, impossible.

It is.

The comic this community deserves for waiting so long. It is...SNN Lost part 1. It was a long, painful journey, but we got there. First off, I would like to note, that while it is sloppy, that is because

A)It's just starting

and B)With a comic of this size, it is easy to get...well....Lost. :P

A few things though-I notice one obvious problem-there is a DISPROPORTIONATE amount of FCs and Sonic characters (Well, this is a Sonic wiki, what did you expect?) However, combined with a pony and a Pokémon trainer, it looks VERY odd. As more characters are introduced (some in the next episode!) these problems will be fixed. Hey, they wanted to be those people. I am only the messanger.

Anyway, hopefully this was good enough. As part of the New Year, I'm going to work very hard to get you these comics more frequently. Thanks for sticking by me. Hopefully, it was worth the wait!

So, to celebrate, let's ask a question: Who do YOU think is going to die first? Also, any critique is gratefully accepted (I'm gonna need all the help I can get, to be honest. :S Comic isn't something I'm ASHAMED of, but not something I'm really PROUD of.)

P.S. Sorry for the weird panel spacing. Like I said, big comic.

Credits and Special Thanks

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