Hi everyone. You may have noticed that the automated chat program that we previously used to enforce our chat policy (specifically the requirement to have a minimum number of edits on the wiki before using chat) has been disabled. The reason for this is that Wikia Staff have now informed us (first SpyroSonic on Community Central chat, then BulletFrancisco directly) that we are not allowed to add any javascript that changes the functionality of the user interface, which includes the chat feature.

I would like to stress, however, that the chat policy remains in effect. Users must have at least 100 edits on the wiki in order to use the chat, and at least half of them need to be made in our "mainspace" (that is, on articles that do not have prefixes like User:, Forum: or Talk:), which is where the main content of our Wiki is located. And, as before, if these edits are found to be unconstructive, then a user might still be banned from chat. (To see how many edits you've got, visit Special:Editcount.)

The onus is once again on regular users of chat to calmly and politely inform users with too few edits about these requirements, and on chat moderators to kick or, if necessary, ban users until they have the necessary number of edits.

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