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    After a long hiatus, Silver the Hedgehog returns funnier than ever with his wild, 21st century antics!

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    Silver: *sleeping on the couch* *knock on the door* *Silver mumbles* *knocking again*
    Shelly (on the other side of the door): Silver, open the door!
    Silver: *rolls out of the chair and hits the ground* Gyah, no parachute!! *knock, knock*
    Shelly: Silver!!
    Silver: Who's there?
    Shelly: It's Shelly. Open the door!
    Silver: Why can't YOU open it??
    Shelly: I have no hands free.
    Silver: OH? Then how can you knock?
    Shelly: Aw, would you?! *kicks a hole through the door* Grr!!
    Silver: No fair, Shelly, wrecking the…

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  • Sonicrox14

    Okay, I know a LOT of you have been asking for adminship, and I have to say, it's getting really difficult for both users, and admins and beaurecrats. For users, because not everyone gets to be an admin, for one reason or another, and us admins, because we have to be the bearers of bad news, or deal with upset users. So, before you even think about adminship, read this little guide, and you may start to have second thoughts on nomination.

    A lot of you may think that you can get adminship just by getting a lot of edits and not getting into trouble, but there's more to it than that. You have to be responsible, and do things by the book. Here are a few things you should know:

    Edits are not gold:
    As unbelievable as it sounds, getting 100 edits or m…

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  • Sonicrox14

    Alright, there's a lot of stuff going on about The Tails Doll Curse, such as forums, videoes, even Summer of Sonic 2009 included that! I'm here writing about the truth behind it all!

    As many of you already know, The Tails Doll Curse is "inflicted" by completeing Sonic R 100% and then tagging Super Sonic while playing as The Tails Doll. 3 words for ya: It's a lie. Some bored YouTube idiot made that up, and most other idiots believed. The Tails Doll is just another one of Eggman's robots! How many of us are afraid of those? Another something to add to the "curse" is that the character had a few glitches in it that made the game freeze up. Because of that, some people thought it was magic. That's pretty much how the internet meme originated. Al…

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  • Sonicrox14

    (inspired by Statyx the hedgehog (Kagimizu) This comedy tells the story of Silver and his time-travelling back 200 years in the past... and getting stuck there! Now, he and his friends have to figure out how to send him back. And, more importantly, help him remember his reason for his urgent appearance! But for now, here are the not-so-smooth life and times of Silver the Hedgehog!

    Jezz & Shelly: [strolling together in the park]
    Jezz: Ah, such a nice day for a stroll, wouldn't you say, Shelly?
    Shelly: Absolutely. The fresh air, flowers abundant, nothing could ruin this day...
    Jezz: *eyes open wide* Uh, Shelly!!!
    Shelly: *distracted by the butterflies* [something opening in the sky and object falling directly towards Shelly]
    Shelly: *feeding the bir…

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  • Sonicrox14

    Those of you who have played Shadow the Hedgehog often wonder: What storyline did Shadow take that lead to the Last Story? Well, here, I've put down all the stages and am currently putting the pieces together.

    Stage 01:

    • Westopolis

    Stage 02:

    • Digital Circuit (Dark)
    • Glyphic Canyon (Normal)
    • Lethal Highway (Hero)

    Stage 03:

    • Cryptic Castle (Dark)
    • Prison Island (Normal)
    • Circus Park (Hero)

    Stage 04:

    • Central City (Pure Dark)
    • The Doom (Semi-Dark)
    • Sky Troops (Normal)
    • Mad Matrix (Semi-Hero)
    • Death Ruins (Pure Hero)

    Stage 05:

    • The ARK (Pure Dark)
    • Air Fleet (Semi-Dark)
    • Iron Jungle (Normal)
    • Space Gadget (Semi-Hero)
    • Lost Impact (Pure Hero)

    Stage 06:

    • GUN Fortress (Pure Dark)
    • Black Comet (Semi-Dark)
    • Lava Shelter (Normal)
    • Cosmic Fall (Semi-Hero)
    • Final Haunt (Pure Hero)

    Final Bosses:

    • Sonic &…

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