Most people know about this little problem with me and Power Rings. Yes. I didn't make it, now, I know that what I did was wrong and I'm very ashamed of what I did. Most people actually don't know the whole story, so I'm bringing my side:

It actually started around the time I first joined this wikia. I was quite mischeivous and willingly got into trouble. I decided to show some of the comics to Kagimizu and he seemed to think that I made them, note, I'm not trying to place blame on Kagi whatsoever, I guess I let the psuedo-fame go to my head and I suppose that's who this all started.

As you have most likely saw, I deleted all the Power Rings pictures, followed by the forum that started it. Like I said, I'm very sorry; I was a trouble-maker at that time, but now I've fully matured and I regret what I did in the past. All I wish is another chance. To make things right and re-establish friendships. Speaking of which, I'm still wondering what "Heil" means, AL. And that question is directed ONLY at Grand Admiral.

You should also know this: I am working on something big, and THAT IS THE TRUTH! I am also working on it with a few other people, but their names shall remain disclosed to prevent you guys from asking about the project.

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