This are my opinions of some sonic´s games because there are bad games or good games jejeje

Sonic adventure: (Rate:7) its have a good story with chaos and other things and the gameplay is good.

Sonic Battle : (Rate:6;50) its have a good story and gameplay but the gameplay I should to have some combos or special atacks.

Sonic Heroes : (Rate:7) its have a good story and gameplay is good, a little better than sonic adventure

Shadow the hedgehog (game) : (Rate:8;50) the story its awesome and reveal some of the past of shadow and his origins,and the gameplay its very good using guns,arms,vehicles,rocket launcher yeah!!! jaja. destroying all. and the song "I´m all of me" its so cool and great.

Sonic rush :(Rate:9,50) ohh this is my fauvorite game, the story its very excellent with a new character Blaze the cat (the best),the fusion of the worlds,the sol emeralds,and the sense of friendship.The gameplay its very good with the tricks,the super boost, the bosses, and the music its excellent.

Sonic riders : (Rate:8,50) the story is very good with babylon garden, new characters( jet,wave,storm),and more things ,and the gameplay its very good with a new mode of race,extreme gears,turbo(with circle boton),and the abilities to fly,punch objects, and slide in the rails.

Sonic the Hedgehog (06):(Rate:7,50) well what can I say to this game? emmm... well the story for my opinions is ONE of the best stories of all sonic´s games.because the have 3 stories that thet play and the silver story is incredible with a destroyed future,iblis an lava insect jejej,mephiles a cold and sadic hedgehog,the world´s destruction,time travels and more things, and another good thing is the final boss, is the most epic boss in all history of humanity jjeje the idea that can I play with super sonic,super shadow and super silver and the orquestal version of "his world" its super epic and exciting!!! jejej. well and the bad things for me are the 1)the gameplay:because its the same mode of gamplay of Sonic Adventure,but with more grafics and more abilities for example:chaos spear or another chaos powers and the telechinetic powers of silver.and another thing is that eggman its look like an a real person (no animated jej) because the other people (elise and the people of soleanna) also looks like real people jejeje and the worst thing the cat dies (or transported to another dimension) buaaaaaaaaa :( its so sadly ohhhh poor blaze I´m love it jejejje.

Sonic rush adventure :(Rate:10!) this is for me the best game of all sonic´s games.well the story its super very excellent with the rencounter of Sonic and Blaze,new character (Marine the raccoon), a new villain (Captain whisker),and the travel for all islands of Blaze´s dimension,and the gameplay its very excellent with the star triks points,new stages,and the vehicles are cool specialy the ocean tornado when attacks with the cannons,machinegun, and flamethrower.

Sonic riders zero gravity : (Rate:9,50) well the story its very excellent and tell more things of babylon garden and the babylon rouge,and the arc of the cosmos are very cool esparsed for all the world. and the gameplay its so cool with the zero gravity of drift and turbo, the gear changes like air machine or motorcycle,and new extreme gears like the wheel,rollers,yacht and other news.ohh another good thing its the survival mode with throw missiles,and the game of ball.

Sonic Unleashed : (Rate:10) the story its super very awesome,its incredible with the separate world, dark gaia,travel around the world,and the transformation of sonic in werehog, a new character chip, and diferent real places.well and the gameplay its the best with a new form of gameplay like "Sonic and the secret rings",with the super sonic boost, the drift,and the homing attack,the night stage are incredible with attack the enemies with the claws,the unleash mode , incredible combos and more things!!! and the final boss its super epic.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood:(Rate:9,50) The story its awesome its another good story in sonic´s games, tell more things about the past of knuckles,his clan,the nocturnus, the Twilight Cage and a new character :Shade the echidna.and the gameplay its so cool with a new form of gameplay the RPG with diferent attacks,special abilities, abilities with other character,objets and more things.

Sonic And The Black Knight: (Rate:10) the story its very excellent with the legend of king arthur,characters like knights of the round table,new enemies and villains,and a story like the medieval times.And the gameplay its so cool because it have a new form of gameplay using the sword to attack enemies,combine attacks of sonic with caliburn,climb walls with the sword,and more things.and the boss battles its very cool confronting shadow,knuckles and blaze.

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