SonicRollOut SonicRollOut 6 June 2015

New Drawings and Sonic Rush Adventure Comic !

Hi everyone, there was a long time since i did a blog, but the point is that I want to show my new Fancomic of Sonic Rush adventure!

I was working in this project for a long time, thanks to this comic I could learn more of digital art and how to draw some characters of the series

I love Sonic Rush Adventure, is one of my favourite games, and in this comic I will try to show all the adventure of the game, also all the places that appeared in the game and the sol dimension, like Southern island or Plant kingdom.

So here is the first issue of Sonic Rush Adventure

ATENTION !: the comic is in spanish, but in my Deviantart you can read the comic in English, so here I put the link to my Deviantart, so you can read the comic properly.


Also in…

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SonicRollOut SonicRollOut 7 July 2012

My Drawings

This is my drawings of sonic and other things.Some drawings are copied from the original image and others are maked by me.Well I hope you like :)

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SonicRollOut SonicRollOut 15 May 2012

Rates and opinions of games

This are my opinions of some sonic´s games because there are bad games or good games jejeje

Sonic adventure: (Rate:7) its have a good story with chaos and other things and the gameplay is good.

Sonic Battle : (Rate:6;50) its have a good story and gameplay but the gameplay I should to have some combos or special atacks.

Sonic Heroes : (Rate:7) its have a good story and gameplay is good, a little better than sonic adventure

Shadow the hedgehog (game) : (Rate:8;50) the story its awesome and reveal some of the past of shadow and his origins,and the gameplay its very good using guns,arms,vehicles,rocket launcher yeah!!! jaja. destroying all. and the song "I´m all of me" its so cool and great.

Sonic rush :(Rate:9,50) ohh this is my fauvorite game, the stor…

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