This really Pi$$ me off they continously are flipping to the bird/giveing the middle finger to Amy Rose fans with the 3DS version I just finished playing the DEMO while I can see no technicly faults the design faults are still there first the make the orginal Traliers look like you can play as her then they introduced Not-Marine-Replacing-Cream and then they go around and give the personalty of a Scrappy character and then say F-YOU Amy Rose fans who only own a 3DS and can't get a Wii U and have her remove Amy from her first playable apperance on a a nintendo Handheld in a DECADE Sonic Advnace 3 came out in 2004 and you can't play any game with her playable on the 3DS Tails and Knuckles you can and the fact that they choose to have her be butted out instead of say Tails or Knuckles is also SEXIST to boot and another one aimed at Amy.

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