I was told that "everyone seems to think" that I demoted myself and went on hiatus 2 months after the demotion as a rage quit response to the conflicts I had with certain users at the time. They were somewhat a factor, but I had no intention of making it look like a statement. It's true that I gave no explanation as if nothing happened, but if people were wondering, I'd prefer to be asked before conclusions are made. Er, but I can't blame you entirely cuz I really said nothing about it for months. Didn't feel the need to actually.

I had my administrator rights mainly for CSS. I have no interest in anything else. I used to get on the chat frequently at one point because I made some new friends there but because of that, I was handed responsibilities and personal conflicts.

I was criticized that I do not consider feelings, I prefer to warn, ban and get over with it. I don't have the time to spend a long discussion with a rule-breaker to 'understand' them nor do I want to observe to make sure they're not deliberately breaking rules. Apparently, some users agreed in a forum that admins should be something like a counselor and, after a confirmation, the forum was actually directed at me. Although the idea was not approved, the opinion was still there. I listened to this criticism, but it turned out to be worse.

I was also questioned even after blocking whom I thought were clearly trolls. I had to explain myself for every ban, with evidence like saving screenshots. It was distracting and time-consuming. I'm not saying administrators shouldn't do this, I just do not have the time for all this. So I gave room for those who are willing by demoting myself. It was a sudden decision done with little thought.

I also don't like to impose rules on others. Silly, I know. Thus, I found myself not quite agreeing with some rules like "assume good faith" and apparently, "back-biting" is a problem too. I had a different opinion over them, so I couldn't follow those rules.

My hiatus was per request by those important to me irl for work I had to cover up. It wasn't really my choice. Wikia is no longer as distracting since my demotion and hiatus so it turned to be good for me.

That's it, I think. Free turkish delight for those who bother to read this. ^__^

TL;DR for those not getting a turkish delight - Adminship? Aint nobody got time fo dat

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