Slug-Drones Slug-Drones 25 July 2016

But why Classic Sonic


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Slug-Drones Slug-Drones 15 September 2015

Muh Sonaze 2015??!!??!!


These are the things that matter 2015's looking great keep it up sega

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Slug-Drones Slug-Drones 4 February 2015

Debunking a rumor

I was told that "everyone seems to think" that I demoted myself and went on hiatus 2 months after the demotion as a rage quit response to the conflicts I had with certain users at the time. They were somewhat a factor, but I had no intention of making it look like a statement. It's true that I gave no explanation as if nothing happened, but if people were wondering, I'd prefer to be asked before conclusions are made. Er, but I can't blame you entirely cuz I really said nothing about it for months. Didn't feel the need to actually.

I had my administrator rights mainly for CSS. I have no interest in anything else. I used to get on the chat frequently at one point because I made some new friends there but because of that, I was handed responsibi…

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Slug-Drones Slug-Drones 12 November 2014

SEGA knows Rise of Lyric sucks

So SEGA hasn't given journalists like IGN review copies of the game

Not surprised. I couldn't understand the optimism since the title was first announced. It appeared that everyone was raving about the fact that Knuckles, Tails and Amy are playable without thinking about the fact that the first gameplay trailer looked alot like who shall not be named. The mere fact that they gave the title to a studio that has not released a game yet shows how much they actually care.

One might think that SEGA wants to avoid, what fans assume to be 'bias' from sites like IGN. Well, not all Sonic games were scored low by IGN. Infact IGN gave Sonic Free Riders and Sonic 4 the highest score out of all critics.

What SEGA wants is a few sales before the bad review…

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Slug-Drones Slug-Drones 2 July 2014

Regarding Screenshots and Logs (Important for moderators)

Sannse from Wikia Community Central recently wrote an important blog regarding screenshots and logs. The article describes how they can be easily modified and still look legitimate. This is especially important for chat moderators, so I would suggest you guys to read the whole thing -

  • Here is the link -
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